Pixel Prose Challenge–Montana Autumn


Fall stealthily creeps from the base of the mountains

to the tips of the trees with a frosty morning greeting.

The air, crisper now, sparkles in the dew as

fluffy clouds stretch thinly over the blue.

Deepening shadows broaden and

distend, lengthening into

Autumnal snows.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved www.silverthreading.com


Montana Autumn is my contribution to Amanda’s Unique Art Chic’s Weekly Challenge:

Amanda says,

A unique weekly challenge designed to inspire creativity from both photographers and writers. Everyone is welcome.”

“The concept is very simple: Use the photograph that most inspires you – then add your prose. This can consist of any form of text. Word art, quotes, poetry, haiku, rhyme, short fiction etc.

Choose your own theme – this will free you up to use your creativity to its fullest – with the photograph you feel most inspired by. Create with your photography, edit your photographs as much or as little as you want – you decide!

Providing you have added words to your image, there is no reason why you can’t enter the challenge from other forms of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etc. Note: You will need the URL of the actual image and not your account.

The challenge will run Sunday to Sunday approx 12 pm GMT. Entries can be posted anytime during the week.

A really great feature with the challenge is that viewers can see all the feature images side by side. Clicking the blue frog allows you to both view and add your own entry

It gets better
When you include the inLinkz code in your own post, you will get the frog too! This means your readers can also see all the feature images and join in.

If you’ve never used InLinkz before feel free to ask questions, see the written guide or watch the video help guide.

In the interest of promoting the challenge, and to ensure viewers can see the other entries, please follow all the steps given.


  1. Create a new post and title it Pixel Prose Challenge + your post title
  2. Tag your post Pixel Prose Challenge
  3. If you create your entry on other social media sites, (or share your post to them) the hash tag is #pixelprosechallenge
  4. Link your post URL to the inLinkz grid, selecting your inspired photo/feature image.
  5. Copy and paste the inlinkz code in your own post
  6. Display the Pixel Prose logo on your post or sidebar

Thanks for visiting with me this Sunday.  I enjoy seeing you!

Silver Threading

18 thoughts on “Pixel Prose Challenge–Montana Autumn

    1. Oh yeah! Brutal is a good word! Spring starts in June and by September it is already getting cold again. The beauty of the land though, WOW! I am so glad we lived there.


  1. “The air, crisper now, sparkles in the dew as
    fluffy clouds stretch thinly over the blue.”

    Wow, I just love this! What a beautiful poem, the line above is pure genius. You really drew me in to your autumn tale. Thank you so much for sharing this, I love it. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! It’s fun going through old pictures and adding poetry! ♡


  2. autumn snow – shivers – what a wild and beautiful part of the world but a bit too chilly for me.


    1. Me too. We moved back to Florida last year. We had 17 beautiful, but cold years there 🙂


    1. Thank you! This was a few years ago in the Little Belt Mountains near Great Falls, MT.


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