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Today in Writing 101, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study.

I adore my morning walks, especially now that autumn is imminent and the temperatures are lowering. I usually start out with my two trusty side-kicks, Sugar and Spice, my Pomeranians. They are sisters and almost eleven years old now. I think they are more passionate about our morning walks than I am. It appears there is something magical about their Mom having to clean up after them that makes them such happy dogs.

2014-05-18 17.03.20

The surrounding area near my house is rather rural however, our housing area is not, and contains around 70 homes. We have a paved circular street which makes walking the dogs a breeze. For me, it is rather constricting and gets boring.

After the dogs have had their jaunt, I grab my weights (5 lbs. in each hand) and off I go for my walk. We have a rural road that runs adjacent to our housing area that borders a Navy helicopter practice field. It is a great walk and totals three miles. There is an abundance of wild life, birds, horses, and occasionally a snake shares the road with me.


Most mornings I meet up with my two new friends in the neighborhood, Connie and Ling. The two women are sisters-in-law, as their husband’s are brothers. They are both Chinese, and I enjoy their company. Sometimes the language barrier makes for some interesting conversations. Nevertheless there is always plenty of laughter to make up for it.

Connie is the older of the two women. Her English is quite good because she has lived in the United States for many years. She is a thin woman with ramrod straight legs. Her graying hair is cut short and bounces when she walks.  It fits her personality.

Connie is always happy. Her smiles have lit up many a gloomy morning walk for me. Her eyes crinkle in at the corners when that smile spreads across her face. She carries two 5 lb. weights also because strength training helps battle osteoporosis. Believe me, I took her motherly advice!

Connie walks once in the morning and then again after work with her husband, Michael who works in an office all day. Connie still works fulltime at the local airport. She told me in China, her 80-year-old parents walk six miles a day! I have learned much from Connie and her culture.

Ling is about a year younger than I am. English is difficult for her to speak but, in spite of this our friendship grew. She is a tiny, short woman with black hair turning silver just like mine. Ling became a grandmother this year when her daughter had a little boy.

Recently, she has been pushing the baby in his push-chair or stroller around the neighborhood. She tells him I am his Auntie. I am greatly honored by this. In addition, her grandson is gorgeous! Lucky for him, he will learn Chinese and English. Ling knows French too, and she said she will teach him that also!

2014-09-18 07.02.50

I have enjoyed learning about China from each of these new friends. We have no pretense between us women; we just simply enjoy each other’s company. On September 8, 2014, Connie gave me some moon cakes to try for the Chinese Moon Festival celebrated that day. Here is the link to the story of the Moon Festival if you are interested.  The Moon Cakes were delicious!

Connie says there are so many legends to remember. I love listening to her tell those stories from long ago. Ling will interrupt her and tell her in Chinese if she does not get the story just right.  We three women have swapped vegetables from our gardens over the telling of many of these stories. I am so grateful for these two wonderful women who have become my new friends.  They have enriched my life with their culture and friendship.  Thank you Connie and Ling!

moon cakes

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Thanks for visiting with me today.  It was good seeing you!

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8 thoughts on “Connie and Ling

  1. These 2 ladies sound so charming! I have one sort of negative comment, take it or leave it as it is just my opinion!!
    You should totally eliminate the first 3 paragraphs. I like the description of your neighborhood and dogs but they add nothing to the story of these women. Since the assignment was to focus on the character study aspect, those paragraphs actually detract from the post to me…
    Again, all well-written, descriptive and charming, but content has to contribute and move the story along…those paragraphs don’t do that…
    hope i don’t sound harsh, don’t mean to be, just some feedback from a 100% amateur!


    1. Thank you. Actually I did consider that. I’m good with it since it was a fun exercise. ♡


  2. I enjoyed the whole story, Colleen, as I adore hearing about Sugar and Spice and it’s great to read a description of your neighbourhood and where you walk. I wouldn’t be very happy sharing my walk with a snake (thank goodness we only have the one species of snake in the UK, which is very shy) as snakes are the one thing which really frighten me.
    Thank you for introducing us to Connie and Ling as well.


    1. Thanks Hugh. There are many snakes in Florida and I, like you, am petrified of them. I have seen only two so that makes me happy. It was cool this morning 62 degrees! Autumn is finally here!

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      1. I was out walking our dog, Toby, at 06:30 this morning and we had our first frost of the season. It was wonderful to see, especially with a clear blue sky ahead. I do love Autumn so much.


        1. I had to wear a sweat shirt this morning for my walk. I was actually cold. It warms up quickly here so it should be in the 80’s today. I bet the frost was lovely. Take pictures and share 🙂


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