Auburn Berries

Summer Berries

Sweet auburn berries –

turn tart during autumn’s veil,

fickle summer love.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved

These wild berries grow along the road where I walk each morning.  I took this picture in the heat of summer.

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23 thoughts on “Auburn Berries

    1. It is my pleasure. I enjoy your challenge and seeing what we all come up with. ❤


        1. I am thank you. Hope you are well also. Ah work must come first. I understand that. Have a wonderful day. ❤

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        1. Go ahead and join us. It is really fun to challenge yourself. I also do Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku challenge at I take the photos myself (not always) and then I use to add the words. It has been really fun. Ronovan is a great guy!


          1. ah, it’s a challenge? Didn’t realize that. I’m not one to participate in challenges. At least not yet. I have too much on my plate to consider adding anything…even something as simple as a haiku! lol Perhaps at some point I will, though 🙂

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            1. There is no contest. I think “challenge” is more about challenging yourself to try new things 🙂 When you are ready, we will be here. No stress. Just fun. ❤


              1. lol…no, I know it’s not a contest. I’m definitely not one for competition. Don’t think we should be competing without good reason (like a money prize when you’re broke lol). I don’t want to do challenges either ’cause it’s ANOTHER thing to do and I can barely keep up with blogs, certainly don’t have mine organized yet, and need to actually write, which I never have time for, so challenges or anything else like it isn’t for me just now—if ever! lol Thanks, though!

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    1. Thank you. I forgot I had taken this picture. It worked out well. I love these Haiku! ❤


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