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Misty Sunrise

2014-10-04 07.04.20

This was the view through my “horse-hole” this morning.  High humidity caused the haziness.  As the morning wore on, the humidity dropped to 31% F. this afternoon, which is FANTASTIC for those of us living along the Gulf Coast.  A cold front from way up north dropped all the way down into our southern neck of the woods.  Tomorrow morning it is predicted to be 48 degrees F.

2014-10-04 07.04.58

The grasses were heavy with dew and humidity and the sun backlit the blades so beautifully.  My picture does not do the view justice.

I will be back in full force tomorrow until Wednesday when Tabitha comes in from California.  Have a great Saturday evening.  I am off to enjoy a Captain Morgan and Ginger Ale.  CHEERS!

Join me!

Captain and Cola

(Image Credit: Captain & Cola)

Thanks for visiting, See you tomorrow.

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20 thoughts on “Misty Sunrise”

  1. Beautiful photos! It’s officially Spring here, so we should be having cool evenings and mornings, and pleasant days. Today is in the mid thirties Celsius! Too hot for Spring. This time last year there was an out of control bushfire just a few kilometres away. Again, way too hot for Spring! Oh for misty mornings and cool.


    1. Our weather is crazy everywhere any more. It was 50 degrees F. This morning. Quite cool for Florida in autumn.


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