Freestyle Writing Challenge – Food For Thought

Thank you, Ali Taylor, from The Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman! For choosing me to participate in the Freestyle Writing Challenge, where I am to:

“Choose FIVE of my favourite types of food/drink (can be meals, snacks, whatever grabs you!) – And bring them to succulent life for your readers. Can be serious, funny, sensual, extended metaphor…”


Thick red Angus steaks marbled with just the right amount of pale white streaks of fat sit on a plate, ready to be added to the grill. They sizzle as the charcoal flames lick the underside of the beef. The heady aroma of beef cooking on a charcoal grill fills the neighborhood.

Freshly scrubbed Idaho baking potatoes are pricked to release the steam. The oven toasts their skins to a crispy brown while inside the white potato is tender and flakey. Fat yellow slabs of butter are slipped inside the hot potato skins. Steam rises from the slash in the potato. Green chives are cut and added to the top of the vegetable. Butter oozes from the sides of the potatoes.

I fill a salad bowl with dark emerald green spinach leaves. Green kale is added for texture. Red onion, hot and sweet, is chopped and added to the top of the salad. Pumpkin colored carrot sticks are added to the mixture. Ruby red tomatoes are sliced. The juice and seeds drip from my hands, as I add them to the bowl. A rich green cucumber is sliced and de-seeded. This I place on the top of the salad. Fragrant vinegar is added along with a few tablespoons of pale amber olive oil. I stir the salad to mix the vegetables, so that the flavors have time to mingle.

I retrieve a bottle of pale white Moscato wine from my refrigerator. I uncork the wine and smell the fruity aroma of this particular vintage. I let the wine sit and breathe for a bit. Then I slowly pour the wine into my glass and sip the crisp sweetness which is tart on my tongue. I inhale the fragrance and close my eyes, savoring the wine on my tongue.

The Dessert of the Gods are exquisite delicacies filled with the sweetness of sugar, honey, and just a touch of cinnamon. These succulent jewels drip with deep rich chocolate and caramel drizzle. Coconut shreds are sprinkled throughout the opulent dough creating a luscious gooey brownie.

15 minutes: 343 words (I am a slow writer… what do you do?)J

I would like to invite the following five bloggers to participate in this challenge: Melissa Barker-Simpson, Wendy Anne Darling, Mark Bialczak, Elisha Neubauer, and Terri Webster-Schrandt.

These are the rules:

1. Open an MS Word Document

2. Set a stopwatch or your mobile phone timer to 5, 10, or 15 minutes, whichever challenge you think you can beat.

3. Your topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH YOUR TIMER!!!

4. Fill the word doc with as many words as you want. Once you start writing do not stop.

5. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spelling and grammar using spell check (it’s only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules).

6. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation or capitals. However, if you do, it would be best.

7. At the end of your post write down ‘No. of words = ____” so that we would have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.

8. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nomination (at least five (5) bloggers).

My new topic for you to write about is to:

“Describe your perfect fantasy world so that we all want to live there.”

Thanks for stopping by. I will see you again!


30 thoughts on “Freestyle Writing Challenge – Food For Thought

    1. Ha, Ha Olga. I hope I did her challenge justice. I am a slow writer. I always have to mull over what I want to say. This was hard to do being timed. ❤


  1. Absolutely deliciously written! I loved every bite!
    PS: The butter on the hot potato was my food dream come true!

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  2. Thank goodness it is lunchtime ,here in the UK, after reading this post, Colleen.

    Mouth watering indeed. I wish it was for real and that I was on the guest list…right now!

    Great writing for the challenge set by Ali. Well done.

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      1. I had a feeling all that stuff you were writing about was not for you.

        Salads during the Spring and Summer are great, but don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while. After all, rewarding yourself is good for self confidence.

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        1. I have really been having a hard time. Anything that has wheat in it packs the pounds on me so fast I do not even see it coming. I back to my diet of fruits, veggies, and a small amount of dairy. Meat is moderate at 4-6 oz per day. I do a protein shake every other day so that helps. I have been trying some gluten free products with great success. I walk two miles a day most days. With no thyroid, I really play heck. I get tired easily and must learn to pace myself better. Although it was fun to dream about all those foods for a bit.

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  3. Wow – you brought the food to life. I could see it, smell it, almost touch it. Excellent work on the challenge. Thanks so much for including me. It was a nice surprise and fun to take part in – especially as I’ve been in bed for a few days with a bug. Hope you had a great weekend 🙂


    1. Mel, I absolutely loved your fantasy world depiction. Thank you, and Well done. I had to reblog it. Now, write the story that goes with that. I want more. 😀

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      1. lol. I’ll definitely save it, and let Cassandra out to play in the near future. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to let go and be creative. It was awesome! 😀


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