The Elf Killer – Part III: The Witch of Timmoral Forest

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I chose Option 1: Sentence Starter –

The first time I died, I was nineteen years old and resigned to my fate; the second time was a different story.

I am continuing the story of the Elf Killer, using the prompts from Mel’s challenge. This is a free writing time for me and allows me to experiment with different genres and characters. I am letting my true pantser out once again! I hope you all enjoy.

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As the darkness arrived in Timmoral Forest, Nedra the Witch watched the shadows grow long and deep as they descended and grew from the tall stature of the trees surrounding the glen. Conjuring her deepest magic she had materialized outside the cave she called home on the edge of the forest in order to safely escape from Rawmall, the half-breed elf.

Nedra paced back and forth in front of the door to her cave thinking of what her next move should be. Damn, Rawmall! That half-breed elf makes my blood boil, she thought. She didn’t need to take any more chances around him. His power over her was purely physical. Nedra wanted him in the worst way. If she succumbed to his charms, she would lose everything, again. Death was much too high a price to pay for a sexual tryst with a half-breed elf at this point. Not yet, anyway.

The night birds cooed above in the leafy canopy of the trees. The sounds of small scurrying animals were heard rustling in the dense carpet of leaves beneath her feet. Stars appeared in the night sky. Nedra slipped silently inside her shadowy cave while the ebony whispers of her gown flowed behind her. The low burning fire beckoned to her while the coals brought a warmth to the coldness of her body.

Nedra stoked the fire with a wave of her hand. Suddenly, another huge flame burst from her palm and glowed with a lavender intensity. Concentrating her thoughts, Nedra watched the blaze of her lust slowly burn to the size of a candle flame. Slowly the flame turned into particles of dust filtering through her fingers.

Nedra stared at the grains of sand and remembered. The first time I died, I was nineteen years old and resigned to my fate; the second time was a different story.

Nedra belonged to a coven of witches that like the dark cats they idolized, had nine lives. It was a certain kind of immortality if handled with the utmost of care. That meant following the rules, something Nedra had always struggled with. If certain urges were controlled, the witches could live long lives while meddling in the existence of others for their own pleasure. It was a blissfully wicked existence.

Impatiently, Nedra tapped her blood-red nails on the chalice she drank deeply from while memories swirled around in the dark recesses of her mind. Losing her first life had been careless on her part. At nineteen, she was too young to know that she had to overpower her thoughts of lust and greed. The Warlock had taken her life force quickly. Nedra had simply vanished in a puff of black smoke.

The dark headed human had been her downfall the second time she lost her life. She had bewitched him into giving her all of his wealth and power. However, once again Nedra had been too young to know that she should never trust a human. He had ended her life by thrusting a sword into her heart as she had fled his grasp taking his riches with her.

Eventually, true to Nedra’s powers, the human found himself a pauper and banished from his mortal kingdom. Madness had propelled the man to cross over into Timmoral Forest where the elven colony had flourished since the beginning of time. Visions of Nedra caused the man to view the world through a mist of red blood. Hatred became his life force.

Once Nedra’s life balance of seven lives had been restored, she cast a spell to bring herself back to Timmoral Forest. This time, she was determined to track the dark-haired human and take his life to pay for the untimely death he had taken from her.

Nedra smiled, remembering how she watched the human butcher the blue haired elf. The human was truly insane. She knew this would be her last chance to possess his soul once more. His life energy would give her the knowledge of the humans. She would become stronger with each soul her darkness absorbed.

She followed the human to the elven community of Morr. It was there she cast a spell on the elves hiding them in the darkest part of the forest as she watched the human burn their small community to the ground. The dark-haired human had never seen her coming.

He got what he deserved, Nedra thought, relishing the memory of the dark-haired human boiling in the caldron at Morr. It had worked. The trap had been set. Rawmall had come seeking the elf killer. Soon Nedra would get what she truly desired, Rawmall the half-breed elf.

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22 thoughts on “The Elf Killer – Part III: The Witch of Timmoral Forest

    1. Thank you. I have been trying to write this story from Mel’s prompts. It is a great challenge. 😄

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  1. Ooh, watch out Rawmall! I loved this, and the nine lives thing is genius! A great use of the prompt. Thanks for taking part, Colleen. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Nedra. She’s a deliciously dark character! I hope you had lots of fun ❤

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    1. I did, but I felt like I was telling more than showing. Hard to only deal with one character and no action! LOL! I am loving this, Mel! 😁😍

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      1. I’m so glad 😀 There seemed a great balance to me. All short stories, especially when setting things up or describing a scene, have an element of informing. I liked the things you showed us, her emotions when considering Rawmall, drumming her fingernails on the glass, etc. ❤

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        1. Ah, you do my soul good. Thanks, Mel. I love this pantser stuff! Thanks for the encouragement. The second part is trending on readwave. 😍☺

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    Do not miss this delightful continuation of Colleen’s – The Elf Killer. We’re introduced to a new character in part three, and she’s positively wicked!

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    1. I know, Michelle. I just sit down and let it all out. It is really fun to let it write itself. 😊💕

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    1. Thanks, Olga. This has been a great exercise. I am learning to just let go. What fun. 😃


  3. Oh no, poor Rawmall! I hope he does’t fall for her trap Colleen.

    Great descriptions, great writing, great atmosphere. Your words are first class story telling at its very best. ❤


    1. Hugh, thank you for introducing me to ReadWave. It was just the boost I needed in my writing. Your kindness and support always makes me feel wonderful. Thanks for always being there! ❤

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  4. I can’t decide if Neda is bad or good. She did save the elves. It is getting more grown up with a sexual interest in there. It flows along and is easy reading. I liked the description of the scene outside her cave.

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    1. Ah, Deborah… I like that there is a question about Nedra’s motives. I must say, this is stream of consciousness writing for me. I will have to keep making all the connections to the characters so the stories link up. It is just fun. I was excited to be “trending.” LOL! 😉 ❤ Thanks for reading and enjoying.

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        1. I wait until I get the prompt words from Mel’s challenge and then write the story based off of them. 😀

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