The Legend of Makwa Ikwe, Flash Fiction

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July 19, 2018, Carrot Ranch Literary Community prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about Fannie Hooe. Although she is a legend in the Keweenaw, feel free to go where the prompt leads.

Respond by July 24, 2018.


They say Fannie Hooe drowned, but my daddy told me a different story. He said she didn’t drown, she transformed. After a bear mauled her and rolled her carcass down the hill to the beach to die, the Chippewa found her.

The Indians nursed her back to health. Daddy said she was deformed after the bear attack. The Indians didn’t care. To them, she was Bear Woman, *Makwa Ikwe.

Fannie fully integrated into their native society and became a powerful shaman. Her magic was very strong. I know, because she healed me, and I lived to tell this story.


*Makwa Ikwe means Bear Woman in the Ojibwe language.


GiddyUPAnd write some Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction! ❤


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    1. Thanks, Mary. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😀 I love this flash fiction. It really helps in the creativity department. ❤

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        1. Absolutely. This stuff engages my brain and I think it helps me be more creative. I look forward to reading your selections. ❤

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  1. Your piece feels like it could fit in well with the Auel series Clan of the Cave Bear 🙂
    I enjoyed those books and your flash that allow for magic and healing.

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    1. Thanks, Jules. I’m really drawn to magic and the healing aspects. It seems to be slipping into my writing more and more. ❤

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