“A Norse Halloween,” A #Tanka

the great pumpkin

I have been so busy that I couldn’t find time to write a poem for my own poetry challenge for the last couple of weeks. Today, I vowed to find the time and I did!

I used the word, “somber” for grave, and “reluctant” for afraid.


A Norse Halloween

Somber winternights—
daylight wanes and the air cools.
Leaves fall from the trees
in a decadent display
of reluctant death and rot.

© 2018 Colleen M. Chesebro

*Winternights is a pagan celebration lasting from October 28th – November 2nd. The Pagan Journey.weebly.com shares:

“…The beginning of the winter season for the Northern folk.  Remembrances of the dead and one’s ancestors were made during this feast.  Winternights was a ceremony of wild abandon; much like the Carnivale season in the Mediterranean countries, and it marked the end of the summer season of commerce and travel and the beginning of the winter season of hunting.

Much divination was done during Winternights to foretell the fates of those entering the coming year.  It was said that if one sat on a barrow-mound (grave) all night long on Winternights, one would have full divinatory, shamanic (galdr and seith), and bardic (skaldr) powers . . . that is if one retained one’s sanity!

Winternights marked the beginning of the Wild Hunt, which would continue until Walpurgisnacht.  This festival corresponds roughly to the Celtic Samhain, and the modern American festival of Halloween, although the darker aspects of the festival are not as pronounced among the Norse people.  (The Norse festival of darkness was Walpurgis, a full 6 months away).”

IMG_7075F4E08CA8-1 May your winternights be filled with pleasant dreams! ❤


37 thoughts on ““A Norse Halloween,” A #Tanka

    1. Thank you. Sometimes the colors are so intense they are decadent. It’s all about the death and rebirth at this time of year for pagans. ❤

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    1. LOL! I know… it’s all about letting go of the past – the end of the year. It’s actually the Pagan New Year! ❤️🌈🌤


  1. Definitely, Colleen. We’re dying and and birthing the new self continuously. I like your poem and the message. You look like a bionic lady with the hundred pound pumpkin on your head.

    You’re surely busy with the Conversation with Colleen scheduled to January, 2019. May I book a first available appointment with you. I’ll have 3 months to answer you 180 questions… just kidding! Yes, I’ll have everything ready for you in one email. Please let me know when you want me to send it and I’ll put it on my calendar.

    Thank you, Colleen! ❤ ❤

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              1. Thank you, Colleen. Sally is doing one for me on the 10th. I’m writing to Sue tonight, When Janice comes back from Aruba, she’ll do one for me. It’s nice to have something on-going. ❤ 🙂

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