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I’ve had a fabulous week! The other day I received an email from Aurora Jean Alexander (Writer’s Treasure Chest) announcing that I was a winner in her Fourth Annual Halloween Poetry Contest! I’ve included my poem, below:

“Samhain’s Song” – Etheree, Double Etheree, Etheree 

prepare for
Trick-or-Treat fun,
never really
knowing the truth behind
the festival of Samhain—
where the ancestors arrive home
while we wear costumes to avoid harm
confounding the good souls from the evil.

the Veil
thins, we see
remnants of long
lost ancestors and
the good neighbors who sing
hauntingly sweet songs of old.
For those who hear the fairies chant
countless men will agonize and wail,
all for the love of those dulcet sweet sounds.
The Samhain sun descends into the realm
of the underworld where death’s dark lord
no longer controlled by the sun,
walks on the earth unfettered.
Spirits of the long dead
saunter forth, searching
for weary souls
to possess.
Stay safe

lit ablaze,
as red flames leap—
blessing a new year
for all pagans to keep.
While the sun’s journey across
the skies swallow up the bright light,
The lord of darkness reigns unsurpassed
until Beltane’s soft warmth brings back the sun.

© 2018 Colleen M. Chesebro

Here is Aurora’s post, announcing the winners:

The jury has decided!

Today I’m writing representing the Jury of the 4th Halloween Poem Contest 2018.

The winners of the contest are:

Collen M. Chesebro with “Samhain’s Song – Etheree, Double Etheree, Etheree”
Billy Campbell with “Happy Halloween”
M. A. Cortez with “The Curse Of Night”

(The winners are listed in order of their submissions)

Thank you so much for your amazing poems, winners! You will get an email today.

Our three winners of the contest can choose one of the offered e-books.

E-Books-set of “A Father’s Protection” and “An Elf, A Dragon And a God’s Intervention“, written by K. M. Jenkins
E-book of “Angelic Confessions” written by Jan Marie
E-books-set of “Journey to Aviad” and “Ancient Voices: Into The Depths” written by Allison D. Reid


It was a difficult decision for the jury. But we had a lot of fun and wanted to thank all poets for their wonderful poems.

Thank you, K. M. Jenkins and Jan Marie for their jury work and offering one of their books to the winners – and of course to Allison D. Reid who offered her books to pick from as well. I appreciate your help and support!

Many thanks to Aurora Jean Alexander for sponsoring the contest! ❤

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54 thoughts on “4th Halloween Poem Contest – And The Winners Are… | Writer’s Treasure Chest

    1. Thanks, Jane. It always feels good to be recognized by your peers. 😀 ❤


        1. LOL! Well, thank you. What a lovely thing to say. I’m just me. I work hard because I love what I do. ❤

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          1. Yes, Colleen, I work hard also and try hard to do things right, not just getting them done. I used to say when I was working that I got paid for doing what I love to do. ❤

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  1. Beautiful poem Colleen, sadly no trick or treaters allowed out here this year we are locked down for a month in our area again.it was three months before in March to June.
    Thankfully for us in retirement it’s not had a huge impact as those working .
    At least this time they are allowing children to school and university. Nine of these rules make sense Colleen. I cannot have ANYONE visit or come into my home or garden. Yet I can meet six people in a park. I can however go to a hair salon in a closed space with strangers. To name just a few.
    A lot of this is phycology programming, dividing families. Wearing us down do to bring in mandatory cures. Do people will line up and think life will go back to normal.
    But many are waking now Colleen. And things behind the scenes are happening. That when revealed will perhaps shock many.
    So hold tight to faith. All is as it should be. Despite the darkness to come.
    Much love and stay blessed. 💙💚🙏💚💙

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