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“Magical Protection,” A Haiga/Senryu

This week for my poetry challenge, the words were meaning and passion. I used the word, application for meaning, and the word spirit, for passion. My poetry reflects a human condition (fear) so it falls in the Senryu category.

I created a Haiga, that possibly is on the iffy side. The image directly reflects upon the words of my Senryu. So, does the image add something to my words? Do you get an alternate reading?

I thought about meditation when I wrote the Senryu but happened upon this image. I think the image conveys a different meaning. The background is spooky which causes me to wonder if the woman feels fear. What do you think?

Haiga ~ Senryu
Magical Protection

An application—
of magical protection,
my calm spirit soars.

©2019 Colleen M. Chesebro


37 thoughts on ““Magical Protection,” A Haiga/Senryu”

    1. Thanks, Violet. Haiga have so much interpretation involved in them. It’s fun to try to strike the right balance between your words and the image. Nature Haiku is so much easier. It’s all great practice, though. ❤


    1. Great! I wanted different interpretations and I’m getting them. Haiga are all about how the art and words speak to you. I see so more in here. My Buddhism and Paganism often intertwine, so I feel some of that too. Thanks, Sis. ❤


    1. Actually, I love your’s much better. You use your words to tell the whole story. The cup of coffee brings me comfort and relaxation… I think my image might be too much… not enough left to the reader’s imagination. LOL!

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  1. It is beautiful Colleen. I don’t sense fear at all. I sense the woman has a magical gift. The background is light, and she in turn is bringing on more light.

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