“Embrace Change,” A Haibun/Haiku

For my weekly syllabic poetry challenge, I’m sharing a true experience which happened just the other day. Welcome to the family, coyote. ❤

For the word, perception, I used the word, “approach.” For the word, influence, I used the word, “change.”

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Beneath a sapphire sky, our Jeep cruised along the road toward home. The desert shimmered in the heat and ribbons of light danced above the asphalt reflecting a myriad of rainbow tints. The air conditioner blasted away, struggling to erase the heat of the day.

“Look,” said my husband, pointing to the left side of the road. He slowed the vehicle and we gawped, mesmerized by a bit of beige colored fur scurrying across the road.

“A coyote,” I stammered. “I’ve never seen one in their natural setting.”

Upon reaching the other side of the road, the coyote, as if hearing the awe in my voice, paused and looked over his shoulder. Our eyes met, and a feeling of mutual understanding passed between us. My new friend pulled back his lips in a tight grin.

Approach a balance-
between wisdom and pleasure.
You must change your ways!

Coyote spoke with the foresight of a spirit animal. But what about Crow? Certainly, I could have two animal totems, I reasoned. Suddenly, it all began to make sense. Crow had brought me wisdom and now, Coyote had given me the strength to change.

©2019 Colleen M. Chesebro

Happy Summer Solstice

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  1. I love your story, Colleen. We disturb their habitat for sure. The Coyote Hill is one block from our home. Chevron owns the hill and wanted to convert the Hill into residential area. Our city has campaigning to “Save Coyote Hill” for years. We used to have coyotes and raccoons coming to our backyard when I had dog food out there. One coyote killed my daughter’s dog. I could only blame that we invaded their territory so they came to ours.

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    1. My new home is surrounded by natural desert. For sure, we are invading their territory. Here in Arizona, the coyotes are small, like a dog. We were so shocked to see him and when he stopped and looked at me… I knew there was a message. ❤

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        1. Our backyards are surrounded by six foot block walls. If they got into a backyard, it would have to be if someone left their gate open. We are surrounded by desert. I would have to say they are hunting rabbits and maybe ground critters. Where they find water is my question.


          1. Yes, Colleen, they may be searching for water and trace out to the homes. Your wall and gate should keep them out. If you don’t have outdoor pets, there’s no reason they try to get into your yards. Enjoy your new home.

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                1. This is a huge space and when you factor in the heat and sun beating down all the time I will stick to rocks (my favorites) and desert loving plants. I do plan to have a pagan spiral with a tree (a faery tree, perhaps) planted in the middle. A bird bath and bird feeders are a must. Once I finalize my plan, I’ll share it. ❤

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                2. Your idea sounds wonderful. Because of the drought in California, our city limits watering to three times a week. Many homes and commercial building switched to desert plants. We stripped the grass along the curb and planted something requires almost no water. I also have many established trees require very little water.
                  I know you love rocks and birds. You must post some photos when done. ❤

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                3. Yes, that’s great. When you want to see green grass and plants, you can go to the HOA, you pay for it anyway. There are many pretty desert plants with different colors. ❤

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    1. LOL! Crow came to me first and he showed me the way. Now, to have coyote, the lighthearted one, teaches me not to forget to have fun once in a while. How scary… coyotes in NYC!! Yikes.

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    1. Alas, that photo was from Pixabay.com. My coyote was much smaller and I understand in the desert they stay small. It makes sense… the underbrush and such is not tall. It was an amazing experience to see him cross the road. And, then, when he looked at me! Goosebumps! ❤

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      1. No, sis, you can have a lot of spirit animals but one usually or two at the most can work with you at one time. They will come forward as you know in real life or dreams or meditation. Coyote reminds us not to take life so seriously, to walk with respect and to listen to our own truth and see what others say with respect but one eye closed. lol He is a trickster, can be, but I love him, he’s kept me sane for a long time. ❤

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