“Flight Training,” #Flash #Fiction

The November 28, 2019, Carrot Ranch Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about winners. Who are they, what’s the mood, and what did they win? Express emotion or subdue it. Go where the prompt leads!

Respond by December 3, 2019.

Tina balled up the award notice and threw it on the floor. She stomped out of the room.

A chorus of voices questioned, “Miss Henshaw, didn’t she win?”

“Yes,” she answered. “Remember, this challenge wasn’t about winning. It was about determination and whether you gave up or kept trying.”

“Yet, she still won,” whispered Mary.

“Ah, but you gave up, Mary,” Miss Henshaw quipped. “Look outside.”

A crowd gathered at the window. Outside, Tina attempted to mount her broom. Her magic fizzled, and she landed face first in the mud. Yet she kept trying. At long last, she flew.

©2019 Colleen M. Chesebro

Come fly with me! Write some flash fiction this week!

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  2. Loved the determination and the ‘at first if you don’t succeed initiative. And huge congrats Sis again on placing in the Rodeo contest! ❤ xx


      1. I had a lovely Thanksgiving and I’m still stuffed. Ha ha. Now starts the frenetic holiday season! Then the peaceful writing time of January. I can’t wait!


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    1. I’m not sure, Anaelle. You should follow me from the Reader or my email. If you follow the post you will get the comments too. The subscription is a widget on the right hand side of my blog. ❤


  5. Aww, what a cute story! Reminds me a bit of this TV cartoon I liked called “Little Witch Academia,” wherein a young witch is terrible at magic but won’t give up because it’s her dream.


  6. Great lesson in determination, Colleen. I also like how well you build up the tension in the classroom. It opens the scene to be imagined and realistic. Well done!


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