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“The Domovoi,” #FlashFiction

The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction December 12, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a gnome. It can be a garden gnome, a Christmas Joulutonttu, or a sauna protector. You can write magical realism or feature contemporary gnome-like product.  Go where the prompt leads!

Respond by December 17, 2019.

Image Credit: Domovoi: AncientOrigins.net

Danica felt the presence of the domovoi in the kitchen. Flour covered the floor and the table.

“Did you make this mess?”

“Da,” a small voice answered.

“Don’t you want to celebrate the winter solstice?

Dusa was her home’s guardian, and he often helped her with household chores.

“I was afraid you forgot me.”

“I never forget you. Come, have some honey cakes. That will sweeten your mood.”

Dusa gobbled up the treats. With a snap of his fingers, the mess disappeared.

Always remember to take care of your house fairy and not neglect them. Especially during the holidays.

©2019 Colleen M. Chesebro

Image by Jo-B from Pixabay

The Domovoi is a Slavic gnome-like house spirit that attaches themselves to a family. As benevolent spirits, they often protect the home and family from harm. Their primary purpose is to take care of the family.

Ancient-origions.net explains:

The Domovoi is most commonly described as being a tiny, hairy male humanoid creature with a long grey-beard. It may take on the form of a deceased ancestor, the current master of the house, or even family pets. Sometimes, the Domovoi is depicted as having a tail, tiny horns, and horse ears, or wearing a red shirt with a blue girdle.

The Domovoi: Ancientorigions.net

You don’t see them, but some people can sense their presence. In fact, you don’t want to see them! It’s considered bad luck to see your domovoi.

They are sensitive little beings who if ignored, will cause mischief. It’s always best to not piss-off the fairies. Seriously!

It’s customary to leave treats (always the best from your celebration) such as milk, honey, beer, wine, cake, cookies, etc. which will let the domovoi know that you appreciate them.

Read more about the Slavic Domovoi HERE.

The Winter Solstice is almost here. Remember to feed your domovoi.

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