Searching for Answers, #TankaProse

This week, Sally Cronin provided our poetry challenge theme prompt. She selected, "the night sky." What a fabulous theme! In this topsy-turvey world we live in, remember to keep striving for the good. Image by skeeze from Pixabay Searching for Answers, #TankaProse Tonight, the sky is awash with dark featherlike clouds whose wispy edges obscure … Continue reading Searching for Answers, #TankaProse

The Fear of Running Out of Wine (TFOROOW), #Senryu

I've been busy with my house painting and thought it was time I checked in with everyone. We're about half-way through our painting endeavor. We're pretty exhausted at this point. The good thing is that we've kept our ourselves busy while playing 60s, 70s, and 80s hits on Pandora Radio to make our work go … Continue reading The Fear of Running Out of Wine (TFOROOW), #Senryu

Seeking Serenity, #Gogyohka or #Modern #Tanka

Whew! What a busy week it's been. I've struggled to find time to work on my new poetry book amid a series of events which interfered in my time, every day. Between a four-hour power outage in my neighborhood, and the daily mess and noise from a new-build next door, I'm struggling for time to … Continue reading Seeking Serenity, #Gogyohka or #Modern #Tanka