The Fear of Running Out of Wine (TFOROOW), #Senryu

I’ve been busy with my house painting and thought it was time I checked in with everyone. We’re about half-way through our painting endeavor. We’re pretty exhausted at this point. The good thing is that we’ve kept our ourselves busy while playing 60s, 70s, and 80s hits on Pandora Radio to make our work go quicker.

One room down, many more to paint!

I’m staying up on the virus news, but as an Empath, I have to distance myself to keep my sanity. My husband and I engage in a quiet lifestyle, similar to quarantine already, so this has not been too drastic for us.

Image Credit: Padre’s Ramblings

Padre, from Padre’s Ramblings, furnished this week’s photo prompt image. He sent to this to me a few weeks ago. Who knew the state of our world would deteriorate so quickly? Padre’s image stirred our emotions and our creativity. I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry.

Me? I had to find some humor in the situation. When I looked at the photo of all the wine bottles adorning the walls in the restaurant, I could only think of one thing… what if we ran out of wine?

Tiffany Jamison: Facebook

The HECK with toilet paper, although that is nice to have too.

When I served in the Air Force (many years ago) we used to joke about alcohol abuse, and not the kind you’re thinking of. One never accidentally spilled a drink because that was a waste of a good beer! Look for the humor, I always say.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Alcohol abuse—
fear of running out of wine
a public crisis

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

So, even though we have to practice social-distancing, let me take this opportunity to raise my glass to you in a salute of solidarity! Let us not run out of wine.

40 thoughts on “The Fear of Running Out of Wine (TFOROOW), #Senryu

  1. Hahahaha. Thanks for the chuckle. I’m glad you’re doing well.
    My niece likes to drink one type of wine because she has bad reactions to some wine–and the wine stores in PA are closed!


  2. Thanks for the giggles, Colleen. I’m glad you’re keeping busy and still have a sense of humor! My hubby and I are also introverts, so the virus hasn’t changed out lifestyle much, though we worry about my parents and our kids. And the news… overwhelming. An hour a day is more than enough. Take care and Happy Painting!


    1. We have to keep moving forward, Diana. And, yes, humor does help. My writing has suffered during the painting, but I probably needed a break, anyway. I’m over 3/4 of the way through my Word Craft poetry how to book… I’ll be ready to send it to my editor soon. Stay safe and healthy. ❤


  3. Oh heck! I hate the thought of running out of wine, Colleen. And chocolate! In this strange world we now all find ourselves living in, we still need those treats, plus plenty of laughter and singing. I bet Ron and you were singing along to those tunes while you painted? Maybe a little dancing, too?
    Now we’ve on lockdown for the next three weeks in the UK, one of my jobs was to clean out our kitchen cupboards. Couldn’t believe what I found in them. All I will say is that it’s the stuff of nightmares. However, at least we’re still safe. And we intend to stay safe.
    Take care both.


    1. LOL, Hugh! I know what you mean about the cupboards! Yes, we did a fair amount of singing while we painted. Ron and I decided the worst part of getting older is that it takes us longer to recover between rooms. But, painting and cleaning is so cathartic as it brings in new energy. You and John, please stay safe, my friend. ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Ha, ha! That’s funny. I see you are keeping busy, nice paint job. I’ve been known to paint the whole house by myself. Everyone else hated painting. I get crazy with my painter’s tape and do patterns!! Turns out pretty good😊. I’ve been
    s-l-o-w-l-y clearing out my ‘little’ room trying to finally set up my sewing room. Trying to keep busy and stay away from the news like D😊
    Stay safe😊



    1. Well my painting came to an abrupt halt! The Home Depot store would only let so many people in at a time… and the line was so long. My hubby saw that line and he screeched out of the parking lot! I like to paint, and he doesn’t, but he always helps me. LOL! Nice! A sewing room sounds fabulous. ❤


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