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“Stone Ghosts” – A #ButterflyCinquain

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

“Stone Ghosts”

stone ghosts
the false idols
of a treasonous past
dedicated to slavery
tokens of white supremacy
the darkness of death waits

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

Today, I heard the phrase, “stone ghosts” and felt compelled to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard). The name resonated and touched a chord deep within my soul.

We’re at the pinnacle of a great change. I feel the ripples of hope flowing like waves across the land. Taste the salt of your tears, for the stone ghosts are falling. This American carnage will be defeated.

So Mote it be!

44 thoughts on ““Stone Ghosts” – A #ButterflyCinquain”

          1. The statue in your picture – the Robert E. Lee Monument – was erected in Charlottesville, Virginia. There’s a lot of Confederate statues in Virginia because that’s where the largest number of people were killed (both sides) and where the majority of the battles took place. I can tell you more about Confederate monuments and what different kinds mean, but I deleted my 800 word “summary” comment and decided to say “it’s complicated” and each statue should be researched before a decision is reached.


          2. I respect your opinion on these historical sites, Dr. G. I do know the entire subject is touchy to say the least. I literally took the phrase, “stone ghosts” and let my heart speak the words in poetic thoughts. I grabbed the first statue I could find from Pixabay, with no other intent except to represent the Confederacy in its entirety. I do believe the stone ghosts of our past should be placed in museums, but that starts getting into the political aspects of the subject. ❤


          1. You are so welcome, Colleen. Btw. I am studying again (phototherapy – healing plants) and last weekend we spent in the woods and talked about the natural spirits and the spiritual side of the plants. I couldn’t see them but definitely feel the presence of the fairies. It was wonderful 💖


          2. That’s amazing, Erika! I feel the land spirits around me as well. I like the healing plants and need to find ways to grow to use some of them. It’s so HOT here. 113 degrees F. and my poor garden struggles. ❤


          3. Oh, wow! That’s truly hot! I know what you mean with growing your own healing plants. But you are having other healing plants in front of your door which fit exactly your region and needs. Nature is so perfectly organized 💖


  1. We need to remember the past and learn from it. We do not have to honor false idols of stone or otherwise.
    Just read that a Ball Team is changing it’s name possibly to Red Hawks…

    Respect is a two way street. We need to help those in need, but not be continually blamed for those who may or may not have been our ancestors. What was common or acceptable in one time does not have to carry over especially if it is just plain wrong.


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