“Freyja,” #Shadorma #poetry

Anita Dawes provided this week’s #SynonymsOnly poetry challenge words: blessed & hex. These are excellent opposites to work with in a longer poem featuring one or more stanzas. Unfortunately, my time was limited this week by all kinds of minor niggling issues. Yet, I still worked through the problems!

I’m happy to announce that I completed the first draft of Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry: The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry! Now it’s on to my editors.

This has been such a fulfilling experience to write about something I love so much. I believe this book will be a brilliant start for those who would love to write syllabic poetry, but feel intimidated by the rules and the counting of syllables. Most of all, I want people who don’t think they can write poetry to try the forms we work with in our challenges. Writing poetry makes us better writers!

Life with a kitten has been brilliant fun for Ron and I. My little furry beast is purring sweetly one minute and hanging from the curtains the next. Freyja is in the toddler stage now, pushing her luck and seeing how far she can get. She has her first vet appointment on Friday, which should have her mad at me for a few hours!

I immediately thought of her when I read the prompt words! I’ll be using the word fortunate, for blessed; and hocus-pocus for the word hex.

“Freyja,” #Shadorma

golden eyed
ebony beauty,
enchantressbeware the powers of a
hocus-pocus cat!

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

I composed this shadorma poem with the help of a little black cat magic!

45 thoughts on ““Freyja,” #Shadorma #poetry

  1. Congratulation on the book (I hope the editing process is relatively painless) and good luck to Freyja on the visit to the vets. Thanks, Colleen.


    1. Thanks, Olga. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I’ve not found the Kindle Creator to be too difficult in the past. It’s the paperback that is always so much fun. LOL! I’d love to get a program for my MAC that puts the paperback together and all I do is upload to Amazon. ❤


  2. Yay you Sis, woohoo, look at us working on 2nd drafts at the same time ❤ LOL look at Freyja sprawled all over your book on a shelf lmao so cute ❤


  3. So the book is coming along, good. Can’t wait to read it😊. I see kitty is never far from you, lol. Definitely your shadow. That hanging from the curtains is hilarious. You guys sound like you’re having such fun😊



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