“At the Precipice,” #BadgerHexastich, #PhotoPrompt

This week, the Tanka Tuesday Ekphrastic poetry challenge asked us to write our poetry using the psychology of color. We can take the image at face value, or choose a specific color in the rainbow umbrella to write about, or we can write about the lack of color. However, we interpret this image is up to us… we just have to make sure to incorporate the psychology of color.

Notice the “gray” bland coloring of the waterfall in the image. Gray is an interesting neutral, stuck between black and white, neither good nor evil. This color signifies distance, remoteness, almost a cold reckoning. I used the Badger Hexastich for this image because the short syllable structure helped to convey my word choice. The first stanza accentuates the gray.

The second stanza zeroes in on the symbolism of the rainbow umbrella – diversity found in the colors of the rainbow.

This Badger Hexastich deals with opposites: alone, and with you. Check out the cheatsheet to learn more about this form. It’s updated on wordcraftpoetry. com.

At the Precipice

cold reticence
blending in with the crowd
playing it safe, balanced

With you— 
embracing life's choices
happy together in
our unity
as one

©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

The first double ennead challenge is up at the Saddle Up Saloon at carrot ranch.com. Join in and learn a new form HERE.

22 thoughts on ““At the Precipice,” #BadgerHexastich, #PhotoPrompt

  1. Grey, like crows I think gets a bad rap.
    There can be a comfort in grey… but still I can see how there can be limited warmth.
    Too many grey areas in conversations and ideas – the rainbow can be a ‘lifesaver’ though too many argue the rainbow a misused symbol. Too many still prejudice…
    We can only hope that the rainbow can brighten up the grey areas and make them clear as day so-to-speak.

    You packed in so much in your Badger Hexastitch!

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