“Nectar of the Devas,” #BadgerHexastich

This week for the Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge we skipped a week… Yup, it was totally my fault. This week should have been a photo prompt. No worries, we’ll do the photo prompt on March 23rd.

In the meantime, our theme prompt came from Merril D. Smith, who suggested we write about immortality.

What is immortality? A state of deathlessness— a dimension of the mind where the soul dwells after reaching Nirvana? “Immortality is mindfulness occupied with the body.” (psy-minds.com/amrita)

Immortality—Life, death, rebirth, and the circle continues until Nirvana is attained.

"Nectar of the Devas"

sweet ambrosia
the drink of the devas
immortality gained
with a mere sip...

©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

The idea of immortality is ancient and goes far back into antiquity. Almost all religions have some concept of immortality, as well. There is much speculation about what this nectar of the devas (soma) really was. Could it have been fly-agaric? Or was it Cannabis?

How does a Pagan Buddhist view immortality? It’s a gift from the gods…

How to be immortal in real life

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  1. I love this, Colleen:) Thanks for the link about Soma. I found it fascinating with all the theories.

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  2. Wow… Beautiful Rainbows of colour… Just what I need to greet me .. Thank you Colleen .. Indeed we are all immortal… Hold NO FEAR!…… lots of love Colleen… Happy to be in WP today .. Take care and MUCH love ❤

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