South Wind, Frank’s Challenge #191

It’s been a while since Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge was available. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m glad to see him back! Here is my haiku for #191 south wind.

south wind strokes
green leafy branches
cicadas sing

© 2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

It’s important to note that haiku are untitled. Also, we shouldn’t capitalize the first letter of each line in syllabic poetry. I know Word, and even WordPress naturally capitalizes each line, but it’s incorrect in Japanese poetry and most syllabic forms. Write your poetry like a pro… don’t capitalize!

This is a good tip to know if you are submitting your poetry to poetry journals like Word Weaving. 😀

Have you heard about the Brood X cicadas? I think we miss the worst of these creatures in my part of Michigan. Fingers Crossed. Read more HERE.

22 thoughts on “South Wind, Frank’s Challenge #191

  1. Not sure what wind it was but we just had us a small thunderstorm. 😀
    I know about the brood cicadas. I think we get some form of them critters every year.
    I haven’t heard them yet…

    I’m waiting on lighting bugs to tell me summer has arrived (not yet).

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