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The Renovation Begins…

I’ve almost got the kitchen, and first floor emptied for the renovation to begin! The flooring was delivered on Friday, along with the new kitchen cabinets. On Monday, the workmen begin demolishing all the old worn out flooring and cabinets.

Our contractor notified us yesterday that the granite countertops won’t be in until January 11, 2022. That would put us at exactly one year from when we signed the papers to buy this house. Synchronicities always tell me I’m on the right path.

the wheel of time moves
onward, daylight into night
fall into winter
burnished leaves clothe brown grasses
breathe in the fresh scent of snow

© Colleen M. Chesebro

This tanka prose is for the #TankaTuesday challenge this week. I’m exhausted! I need a nap.

52 thoughts on “The Renovation Begins…”

          1. We couldn’t. Half of what’s in the house was falling apart and inoperable. We bought a fixer upper. The price was right and we get what we want. The price for the Reno is good. Out West, we would have paid more. A new house in this area of MI is over $400,000 for 1600 ft!

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    1. Oh, gosh… thanks, Sis. It’s been a chore. Ron is still laid up with the broken scapula so I’ve packed and lugged most evertything to the basement or upstairs. Dustin is coming over tomorrow to help me get the last of the heavy things in the basement. Whew! ❤

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        1. That is the perfect description. This house was a company house partially owned by GMAC. The woman that owned it was an employee and drove to the plant outside of Detroit every day, which is quite a drive. The house sits in the best part of East Lansing, not far from Michigan State’s campus. It will be lovely when we get finished. ❤

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  1. Patience is a virtue – ahem but there are times really, when it’s all a bit much …. BUT here you are, Light at the end of the tunnel – so at least it’ll all begin, and then end, faster than expected, I’m sure …. so a few more weeks delays, as you’ve already mentioned, for the ending, isn’t too bad. So here’s to the wait – and soon, I’m sure, you’ll be like “all this banging!” 😉 …. and yeah, maybe think about “spa days” for all the hard work prepping etc. , because some pampering sounds like it’ll be in order, on the menu and worth it!

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      1. Well, as they say, the most important thing is health – and in light of this, well, best to count the blessings nonetheless and just do the best you can 🙂 💕 I’m sure you both will be breathing sighs of relief when it’s all done and everyone is feeling rested and is recovered.

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  2. And doh – head in the clouds … I wanted to mention your Tanka but was distracted by the idea of renos and comments …. so, yeah, my bad ….. the tanka is wonderful, rich, evocative and speaks of the changes, transitions … so fitting; as they say, out with the old, in with the new …. 🙂

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