Through the Looking Glass

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connect with the reflections in the looking glass—
embrace the kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings that manifest
detailed impressions of yourself—who you think you are
choose your words and thoughts with care
what you say and think you become…
hold your tongue from criticisms
learn to express love and encouragement
always speak your truth and be you

the Winter Solstice...
greet the rebirth of the sun
a new dawn awaits

© Colleen M. Chesebro

35 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

  1. Lovely words, Colleen.
    And like M. Bublé sings, “and I’m feeling good…”
    Last night we put Yuzu (a citrus fruit, whole) into our bath water in honor of the Yule. That’s what we do in Japan.
    Happy Yule and Merry Joyous Holidays to you Colleen. xoxo 🎄

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  2. Happy Yule and Merry Christmas! Indeed, we now turn back towards the light, the return to …. a new dawn awakens …. and may we be aware and grateful for each day, when we awaken, recognizing that no matter what is “going on” – the beauty of just being is a true gift. Bright Blessings! 💕💖💕✌🎄🎇🎇

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  3. Excellent Reflections in your verse here Colleen… Indeed we only need but look in the mirror to see we each hold the power to change…. And it all begins with our thoughts and actions…
    Let us hope dear Colleen more learn to look and reflect that our future is in OUR hands… And to ask ourselves what do we really want to SEE happen in our future world..

    May we all learn to express love, be more tolerant and kinder and treat others as we ourselves would wish to be treated.. if we did no harm to others , in word or deed.. Then these few simple steps would go along way to making our reflection smile wider to smile back in our truth of who we really are… Man-KIND…. ❤
    Have a great 2022 Colleen, It will be an interesting and exciting year ahead to navigate… But this is why we are here to take part and help steer it in the right direction..
    Much love dear Colleen ❤

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    1. Sue, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. Your words always speak to me. Let’s hope we can navigate all that is ahead of us. Have a blessed New Year! Hugs and love to you, my dear friend. ❤

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