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I’m honored to have a haiku published on purehaiku.wordpress.com. Troi David Loy’s beautiful fractal inspired the ghost light theme. Many thanks to Freya Pickard for sponsoring the contest. ❤


amethyst crystals
honor the water god's dance
fiery passions burn

© Colleen M. Chesebro

I’m a prose metrist and a word witch who writes syllabic poetry.

This is Colleen’s first appearance at Pure Haiku.

This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme.

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Mutable Energy

This week's theme for #TankaTuesday is "transitions." Many thanks to Ken Gierke (Rivrvlogr) for his brilliant choice of theme. Photo by Miro Alt on Pexels.com Today, I notice how the weather has become changeable, with mutable energy; one minute it feels like spring, the next it's wintery cold. Around me, I see how people’s moods now … Continue reading Mutable Energy

“I’d Rather Be…” #99-Word Stories

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Nirvana, #TankaTuesday

Our #TankaTuesday prompt this week is a #PhotoPrompt. Diana Peach chose the image: Pixabay.com, compliments of “Pretty sleepy.” "Nirvana" Before you stands the door to Nirvana... Now is the time to break free from the chains that bound you to this earthly plane. Let go of all the restraints that held you back. Breathe in the … Continue reading Nirvana, #TankaTuesday

Accounting Anxiety, #99Word Stories

February 7, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes anxiety. Who has anxiety or what is the source? Is there conflict? How can you use anxiety to further a story? Go where the prompt leads! Submit by February 12, 2022. “I can’t do this again,” I mumbled. I’d … Continue reading Accounting Anxiety, #99Word Stories

Colleen’s Coffee Klatch: Welcome M J Mallon, @Marjorie_Mallon

Hello everyone! Welcome to Colleen's Coffee Klatch. Where I grew up, the Kaffeeklatsch was all the rage. Folks (mostly women) would get together, share a cup of coffee, and catch up on their lives. Thanks so much for stopping by to share a cup of coffee and a chat. Every month, I like to reconnect … Continue reading Colleen’s Coffee Klatch: Welcome M J Mallon, @Marjorie_Mallon

Vision Tree Cinquain, #TankaTuesday

Last weekend, I attended a Vision Tree Retreat with Openings Life Coaching online, with a group of ladies from the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. (I've glassed the collage, and I had a hard time getting a decent photo without reflections. Sorry about that). Anyway, a vision tree is a way to manifest your dreams … Continue reading Vision Tree Cinquain, #TankaTuesday

“Gold Rush Aspirations,” #99WordStories

The Carrot Ranch flash fiction prompt for this week: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about “the ’49ers.” Who or what are they? What is the significance of the number? Do you follow the Gold Rush history or venture into new territory? Go where the prompt leads! Submit by February 5, … Continue reading “Gold Rush Aspirations,” #99WordStories