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Mutable Energy

This week’s theme for #TankaTuesday is “transitions.” Many thanks to Ken Gierke (Rivrvlogr) for his brilliant choice of theme.

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Today, I notice how the weather has become changeable, with mutable energy; one minute it feels like spring, the next it’s wintery cold. Around me, I see how people’s moods now shift like the weather and become unpredictable, sensitive, reactive.

Me? I want to stay warm and dream of better weather and future opportunities, read seed catalogs and plan for a busy spring in my garden.

glazed snow crusts melt
under the warmth of the sun
spring waits

© Colleen M. Chesebro

57 thoughts on “Mutable Energy”

    1. David, I live in Michigan, so around May 31st the last frost has passed. I’m not sure if I’ll grow any vegetables this year. I’ve got to get my garden’s planted in the front of the house. I’ve got farmer blood in me, so I look forward to the change in seasons. ❤

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      1. We had a couple of stumps in the back yard until the termites came. Then the raccoons displaced by a crazy hurricane followed. So the termites ate the wood, and the raccoons ate the termites. All thats left was hole in the ground which is now filled in and growing blueberries🙂. Nature at work!!


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        1. Wow! That’s so cool to see nature at work. This tree was planted right next to the house. We had to take it down as the roots were damaging the foundation. I’ve got roots all over the place. We have to hack them out so I can plant some bushes out front.


  1. It was a beautiful 79 degrees at the beach today. Lol! 😛 My Army brat background has had me living in areas that had the four seasons, and I must say I do not miss it, but I do like your poem. It captures the transition perfectly. 🙂

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      1. Hi Colleen, our seasons are not as distinct as yours are, but we do get the amazing colours of autumn and the beautiful flowers of spring. Our temperatures just remain much warmer during the daytime. We do get below freezing overnight in the dead of winter, but it isn’t for long. June and July are our coldest months.


  2. I’m waiting for spring, too. I know we go through this every year with the changeable weather, but I suppose we forget. It does make me happy to see the first green things sprouting up. And now I’ll picture you with seed catalogues. 😊

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    1. LOL! I’ve got those garden areas that surround my house. They have to be filled with plants this year that the rabbits don’t like to eat! Most of us don’t have fences (the cost is crazy right now) so we have no way to keep those buggers out! LOL! ❤

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