Springtime Awaits, a quadrille

The dVerse challenge for today is to write a Quadrille, 44 words which must include the word eye in the main body of the poem.

wet snowflakes evaporate
on sidewalks and pavements
while old man winter
gives me the evil eye
banshee winds blast, an exhalation
of dark cloud-covered skies
while spring's sweet anthems wait to arrive 
voiced in brilliant birdsong
white pear trees burst forth in blossoms

© Colleen M. Chesebro
Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

54 thoughts on “Springtime Awaits, a quadrille

  1. Ah…you’ve captured Old Man Winter’s final stand so well here….and the glee of spring’s arrival….most beautiful inserting the pear tree.

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      1. Welcome, dear Colleen! You get to experience and write such beautiful seasons. Without the experience, it is very difficult to look at pictures and write about seasons.BTW your haiku are lovely🙂❤️


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