“Free Pie,” #99-Word Story

March 14, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about free pie. What kind of pie and freedom? Who is involved with pies? How is it free? Go where the prompt leads! Due by March 19, 2022.

“Mom, where are you?” Helena burst into the kitchen, searching for her mother.

“I’m in the laundry room.”

“Miss Pickering baked us a pie.”

“What? Miss Pickering from across the street?”

“That’s her,” Helena said. “She met me at the bus stop. She said it was an Irish pie.”

“She hasn’t made an Irish pie in years.”

Helena pulled back the foil on the pie plate. “It looks like a pie to me, and she said it’s free, and told me Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Besides, I remember that Miss Pickering makes the best Irish Shepard’s Pie in Michigan.”

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          1. Oh, I thought you did know. I sometimes eat fish or seafood, and I’ll cook meat for holidays for those who do eat it. I just try not to think about it. My daughter became a vegetarian when she in third grade I think, and she hasn’t eaten any meat or fish since then. I like the Mediterranean diet–but with wine. 😏

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  1. Fun… I went bowling on the 17th, but didn’t think to wear green. There is a gal there who was passing out shamrock stickers and shamrock shaped cookies. 😉

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      1. Taking the summer off… we joined the ‘old folks’ leauge (sort of mid way through this last session). We were in a leauge years ago and still have our lockers with bowling balls and bowling shoes at the alley! 🙂

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