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About this Book

Be it born to darkness and sacrifice,
or be it raised amidst love and hope;
for those who dwell under light and freedom,
and those who are shackled to ways preordained,
the cruellest curses stem from our greatest blessings.
And yet some are cursed, so that others may be blessed.

Kamau is born to a people who repress all emotion, but his first experience of grief shakes the foundations of all his beliefs. It thrusts him on a journey for answers, and ultimately pits him and a few unexpected companions against an ageless power.


Poet and author Jude Itakali has released his debut fantasy novel, “Realms of the Mist,” Book One. I was thrilled to receive an advanced reader’s copy.

Get ready to travel as “Realms of the Mist” takes place in the mountains of Africa. First, we meet Kamau, who hails from the Hadiza people, who are also the guardians of the veil which exists between our world and the afterworld. Interestingly, these guardians can change into animal forms. However, their gifts come at a cost. The guardians must control their emotions at all times in order to serve the spirits. To abide by the rules, they separate families to grow up in different communities. However, somehow Kamau and his younger sister end up in the same community.

The unexpected death of his sister transforms Kamau. He grieves, which goes against the rules. He struggles to separate his feelings from his duties. Yet, they still choose him to save the people from the great doom, as the Hadiza believe Kamau is the only one who can fulfil this mission.

Along with his best friend, Irina, and Ninuwe from the Femi tribe, the three set off to save the world. Ninuwe has her own gifts with the ability to arouse others, which she uses to her advantage. Along the way, Timothy and Kena join the fight, bringing their own special gifts into the mix.

The world-building in this novel is some of the best. Look for African mythology, gods and goddesses, and the ultimate fight for good over evil. The author’s imagery is rich and detailed, placing you right in the middle of the action. The dialogue is engaging and the characters draw you into the story. There were even some surprises I never saw coming.

Kamau, the protagonist, is clearly the star of the show. I connected with his character immediately. His emotional growth is clear, and this journey into adulthood prepares him for the ultimate test: his coming of age ceremony. Can he pick only one emotion?

The book ends on a whopper of a cliff-hanger that left me begging for more! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. If you’re looking for an unusual fantasy read, check out “Realms of the Mist.”

A note from the author:

The ebook will be exclusive to Lulu and only the paperback will be available from other book distributors like Amazon in the coming weeks. So if you intend to wait for the ebook on your kindle, it might be in vain.

But good news is that Lulu ebooks can be read and stored on any reader you have, so you can still buy it from Lulu and read it on your kindle. I do apologise for any inconvenience, and hope this technicality won’t dissuade you from getting the book.

About the Author

Jude Itakali was born and lives in Kampala, Uganda. He is publishing his first collected works, “CROSSROADS (Winds of love).

When not being an athlete on the rugby field, or crunching down numbers on a computer for work, he delicately pens the epiphanies from life and its different relationships and encounters.

He writes about all sorts of topics, finding a way to relate them with each other, because no one theme exists in a vacuum.

Empathy is sometimes considered a gift, and Jude has it in abundance.

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Twitter: @jude_clutch

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  1. Thank you, Colleen, for introducing Jude. I’m not familiar with Lulu, but I’m going to check it out. This sounds like a great story. 😊

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  2. I have seen some wonderful reviews on Jude’s book and all are intriguing. I think this one is a must-read for me! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Colleen, and congrats to Jude!

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