It’s Haibun Monday, at DVerse, and Frank Tassone has suggested our poem alludes to cherry blossoms. Here in Michigan, it’s too early for anything to bloom… but I can dream.

Image by M W from Pixabay

The warmth of a spring day washes over me in a warm caress. Under the cherry tree, I breathe in the faint scent of vanilla, lilac and rose. A shower of petals falls to the sidewalk, leaving behind a mosaic of blooms.

warm winds gust...
pink petals cascade
lacy spring snow

© Colleen M. Chesebro

40 thoughts on ““Cherry Blossom Dreams,” an Idyll

  1. After a warm week, the temperature in “New York’s backyard” dropped back into the 20s! Still, I’m hoping for a peak bloom this weekend.

    May it be as beautiful as the one you evoke here!

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  2. I woke up to snow again, and not the pink petals of cherry blossoms. 9 degrees this morning, warmed to 16 degrees in the afternoon. But it’s temporary.
    I enjoyed your haiku. It and your pictures remind me of other springs where there are many of those cherry trees.

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