Reflections on Today

Today I celebrate another birthday… it’s another year around the sun. As my thoughts turn inward, I greet the day with a thankful heart. I’m thankful I found the love of my life early on. We’ve had so much together. I’m grateful for family and friends, some more like family than mere friends. I’m thankful for continued good health.

Today, I give thanks for just being the woman I’ve become.

Today, I’ll forget all the socializing, working, and answering the phone. Instead, I’ll stay home and cuddle in a blanket by the fire, while wet snow fills the gray spring sky. I’ll get out my old yearbooks and photo albums and have fun reflecting on the good times from my past. Look how far I’ve come…

Today, I’ll enjoy being quiet and still. I’ll listen to the birds and the wind outside. This is the perfect day to measure time by the shadows moving across the room.

Today, I’ll gift myself this day of meditation.

April snow
promises blossoms
when light winds
warm the soil
mother nature knows the score
flowers bloom in May

© Colleen M. Chesebro

58 thoughts on “Reflections on Today

  1. I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend your day, Colleen! Happy birthday 🙂 xo


      1. We had a bit of snow a couple days ago. We need the moisture here but my lillac wasn’t pleased with the snow. Sending hugs xo


      1. I get Medicare later this year!!
        I can’t wait to stop getting cold calles and mail reminding me to ‘set-up’ – I already know what I’m going to do. You have to start the process three months in advance though…


          1. Were we ever young? I look at some older photos and wonder who that young woman was… But I like who I am now too!

            We are young at heart 🙂


                1. yup… one more year and both of my grands will be in double digits… Seems like a long time ago that they arrived, especially seeing my nieces twins last weekend!!!


  2. Poetry Godess, dear Sister, I hope you have a fabulous day of discovery on your relaxing birthday. ❤ Love you. xo


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