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About this Book

Imagine, if you will, a near future where governments adopt policies that suit them rather than the people they were elected to represent.

Imagine a near future where old age and chronic problems are swept away with expedient legislation.

I know; it’s an unlikely scenario.

However, it’s a scenario in which Cassie Lincoln finds herself.

It’s a scenario that compels her to take action.

It’s a scenario that leads to despair and danger. book link


In the first few pages of “Acts of Convenience,” a baby dies on the way to the hospital. Even more disquieting is the fact that the baby dies from an illness that proper antibiotics could have treated if the hospital staff had assessed the situation correctly.

The story begins in 2017 and takes the reader on a dystopian ride into the future. This novel deals with the funding disparity faced by the government regarding the healthcare needs of the people. This scene could play out anywhere in the world, but this book features the UK’s National Healthcare System.

The deceased baby’s mother, Cassie, is a nurse working in an NHS hospital. She knows the difficulties the hospitals face with chronic shortages of staff and medications. Eventually, new legislation passes to help reduce the costs of the heavenly burdened NHS system. They enact elective euthanasia for the chronically ill and dying patients into law. The government puts a positive spin on the new law by paying couples to end their lives. Before long, the population readily accepts these attitudes toward death, paving the way for a perilous fall into chaos and the erosion of basic human rights.

As a nurse, Cassie understands the medical issues of care, but suspects a broader, more sinister conspiracy is at play. Not only are doctors making poor decisions in care; she realizes there is always an excuse for those poor decisions. People’s lives are at stake—And, people are dying. Before long, she knows something is terribly wrong. Eventually, Cassie connects with an underground group who is dedicated to finding the truth. This secret life puts her at odds with her husband and family.

I stayed up long into the night, because in true Alex Craigie style; this author ratchets up the tension so tight, you can’t put the book down. There are so many twists and turns in this story. I guarantee you won’t guess what happens next. I fear we might be closer to this kind of reality than we realize. If you love the slow burn and excitement of a suspense thriller, you will love this book. Just make sure to keep a light on!

About the Author

Alex Craigie is the pen name of Trish Power.

Trish was ten when her first play was performed at school. It was in rhyming couplets and written in pencil in a book with imperial weights and measures printed on the back.

When her children were young, she wrote short stories for magazines before returning to the teaching job she loved.

Trish has had three books published under the pen name of Alex Craigie. The first two books cross genre boundaries and feature elements of romance, thriller and suspense against a backdrop of social issues. Someone Close to Home highlights the problems affecting care homes while Acts of Convenience has issues concerning the health service at its heart. Her third book. Means to Deceive, is a psychological thriller.

Someone Close to Home has won a Chill with a Book award and a Chill with the Book of the Month award. In 2019, it was one of the top ten bestsellers in its category on Amazon.

Book lovers are welcome to contact her on

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      1. I expect you can see my happy smile from where you are, Colleen. To have read the book is a huge boost but this comment is one I hug to my heart – thank you so much! xx


    1. I’m beyond happy with this review, Toni! It was totally unexpected and I’m more grateful than I can say for Colleen taking a punt on my book. xx


      1. Colleen, you can have no idea how much a comment like that means to me. ♥♥


    1. Thanks, Craig! Colleen has written one of those reviews that you hug to yourself!


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  1. Great review, Colleen 🙂 I have this on my kindle and have been wanting to read it. It does sound chilling and a little too close to to a definite possibility of how things can and are going.


    1. Thanks, Denise! I started it in 2016 because I was worried by the healthcare situation. Then my mother developed Lewy Body dementia and I shelved everything until 2019 by which time some of the more worrying predictions were being seriously considered. xx


  2. Another brilliant review for Alex who is on my to buy list when I can sort out a kindle who say they deliver here untill I go to press submit/buy and then they don’t… they are vastly overpriced here but I am going to the Uk in 3 weeks so no guesses what is at the top of my to buy list…x


      1. I hope so Colleen I am going to see my mum and my daughter who is having cancer treatment I hope to surprise her as she is not coping too well at the moment so the time is right for mum to go to see her xoxo ❤


        1. I’m sorry to hear about the cancer treatment, Carol, but I’m sure your surprise appearance will lift the spirits and distract from the side effects. Thinking of you xxx


    1. Bless you for that, Carol! I was dead against an eReader until my daughter got me one for my birthday. It’s been brilliant for hospital stays and travel and I’d be lost without it now. It’s so easy here to buy and it must be so frustrating to see them there waiting for you in store but not letting you complete. xx


      1. It really is.. My hubby has one but trying to share is a nightmare… I had one for years and it didn’t respond well to me sitting on it.. 😂 I do like a book but as you say an ereader has its uses..xoxo


  3. Fab review for Trish’s book Sis. I recently finished another by Trish and this will be my next read of hers. Congrats Trish/Alex ❤


    1. Thanks, Debby! I love this review and your comment keeps the happiness rolling on. ❤


      1. Well, I don’r know how much more encouragement I could ever have hoped for, Colleen! I am beyond happy at the moment! Bless you for that. ❤ ❤


    1. Marje, to say I’m thrilled does rather understate the situation! There’s an infinite amount of kindness out there and this is only a tiny sample of it. ❤


  4. What a wonderful review, Colleen! This sounds like a compelling read and your review has me looking for the buy button! Congrats to Trish!


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