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COLLEEN’S #BOOK #REVIEWS “Someone Close to Home,” BY AUTHOR, Alex Craigie

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About this Book

Talented pianist Megan Youngblood has it all – fame, fortune and Gideon.

But Gideon isn’t good enough for Megan’s ambitious, manipulative mother, whose meddling has devastating repercussions for Megan and for those close to her.

Now, trapped inside her own body, she is unable to communicate her needs or fears as she faces institutional neglect in an inadequate care home.

And she faces Annie. Sadistic Annie, Annie, who has reason to hate her. Damaged Annie, who shouldn’t work with vulnerable people.

Just how far will Annie go?

‘Someone Close To Home’ is a story of love, malice and deadly menace.

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Someone Close to Home is the tragic life story of fictional pianist Megan Youngblood. The narrative is told through Megan, who alternates the story between the classical pianist part of her life and to her frightening time spent in a long-term care facility.

Megan was always a meek child; her personality formed early by the actions of her controlling and manipulative mother. After Gideon, her neighbor, rescues her from some school bullies, the two form a friendship that blossoms into true love.

Unfortunately, Megan’s mother has other plans. Her dream is for Megan to marry Jordan, the actor. So, Megan’s mother destroys any chance of a relationship with Gideon. She pushes her daughter into Jordan’s waiting arms.

From the beginning, Megan senses something wrong in their relationship. Jordan tries to convince Megan he loves her, but for him, it’s all a game. His soul’s purpose is to dominate and control her. It doesn’t take long for him to prove his domination when, on their wedding night, he rapes her. This abuse continues throughout their marriage.

Some may ask why Megan stayed in such a relationship for so long. Why didn’t she leave? True to life, Megan had to come to these decisions on her own. She had to find her own strength. And then… the horrible accident happens, and she suffers a debilitating stroke.

One theme of this story is to highlight the appalling conditions found in long-term care homes, where actions beyond Megan’s control made her time in the facility worse. I thought the sexual abuse she suffered from her husband was bad. However, the abuse she endured from Annie while in the long-term care home is truly terrifying!

Written in the first person, the reader experiences the horrors right along with Megan. This was one of the most terrifying psychological suspense books I’ve ever read. Yet, I couldn’t put this book down! Cleverly written, Alex Craigie weaves a thread of hope throughout the book, scattered like breadcrumbs for the reader to follow.

If you love psychological suspense novels, you will not want to miss this book. The characters are unforgettable!

About the Author

Alex Craigie is the pen name of Trish Power.

Trish was ten when her first play was performed at school. It was in rhyming couplets and written in pencil in a book with imperial weights and measures printed on the back.

When her children were young, she wrote short stories for magazines before returning to the teaching job she loved.

Trish has had three books published under the pen name of Alex Craigie. The first two books cross genre boundaries and feature elements of romance, thriller, and suspense against a backdrop of social issues. Someone Close to Home highlights the problems affecting care homes while Acts of Convenience has issues concerning the health service at its heart. Her third book. Means to Deceive, is a psychological thriller.

Someone Close to Home has won a Chill with a Book award and a Chill with the Book of the Month award. In 2019, it was one of the top ten bestsellers in its category on Amazon.

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84 thoughts on “COLLEEN’S #BOOK #REVIEWS “Someone Close to Home,” BY AUTHOR, Alex Craigie”

      1. Many thanks for this, Colleen – and many apologies for the number of replies to Willow. My computer wouldn’t let me post because of my cookie settings and every time I changed something, the comments stacked up quietly in the ether…


    1. Thanks, Willow. I was so angry about the unintentional institutional neglect I was seeing happening to the generation above me.


    2. Many thanks, Willow. I chiefly wrote it because I was so angry about the unintentional institutional neglect I was seeing in several care homes.


    3. Many thanks, Willow. I chiefly wrote it because I was so angry about the unintentional institutional neglect I was witnessing in several care homes.


        1. It certainly is, Willow, and it seems to be the same both sides of the pond. There simply aren’t enough staff in most homes, most of them are paid a pittance but are brilliant and work their socks off. At pinchpoints in the day – first thing in the morning for instance, residents have to wait for ages to have their buzzers answered. Some of the employees treat residents like produce in a supermarket and it’s painful to see. ♥♥


          1. It is an awful state of affairs , terrifying to think there but for the grace of God, go any of us.
            For the most these care workers are brilliant and dedicated people but as always there are a core of those who do not care . They cannot be in it for the money because the pay is abysmal, I fear they are in the job so they can bully and manipulate vunerable people.


        1. I’ve had to be away from my computer for a few hours and to come back and find this comment is – well, I can’t find an adequate word for it! Thank you. ♥♥


    1. (This comment might repeat as I seem to be too much of an eejit to post replies!) Bless you for that comment, Harmony – you’ve added to the love. ♥♥


  1. This was such an unexpected thrill, Colleen! Thank you from the heart for this beautiful review and all the supportive comments. May your day bring you as much happiness as this post has brought for me.♥♥


      1. I may have to print that comment off and stick it to my desk, Colleen! I know what a fantastic wordsmith you are and this is such a generous encouragement. ♥♥


  2. Fab review for Trish’s book Sis. I have this book and am waiting for my right mind till I can read it. Love Trish’s writing! Congrats Trish! ❤


    1. Thanks, Debby! I’d discourage you from reading it for a good while yet – I think it would hurt you too much. ♥♥


      1. Thank you so much Trish for your honesty. I know I’m not up to it yet but will be reading your other book in a month or so. It’s in the que. I loved Means to Deceive. ❤


  3. Great review, Colleen :} This is one well-written story that will stay with me for a very long time.


  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed this book, Colleen. I thought it was great and also terrifying, especially those scenes in the long-term care facility when she was so helpless. Trish does a wonderful job of building tension, and she kept me on the edge of my seat. Awesome review. Congrats to Trish!


    1. I do feel like a child at Christmas! Many thanks to both of you for these wonderful gifts of support. ♥♥


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