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About this Book

It has been a desire of mine since I was a young person to write stories. I had to start somewhere, so I chose to start by writing very short stories.That bring said, I welcome you to a collection of short stories, very short stories as each of the stories is only 99 words in length. Meet memorable characters. See something of yourself in many of the scenarios. Experience a wide range of emotions. Be inspired to write stories of your own. Return to your favorites and enjoy them again and again.


I’ve read and enjoyed Annette Rochelle Aben’s poetry for years, so when I discovered she’d written a book of flash fiction, I knew I had to read it! Flash fiction writers face a challenge when writing a story in 99 words. The story must contain a beginning, middle, and ending. The writing has to be concise or the story fails. This author excels at storytelling with a twist. She filled these stories with humor and wisdom, embracing the complexity of the human condition in 99 word snapshots of everyday life.

I loved the story called “Determination,” where a woman faces the biggest challenge of her life. Another favorite was “Grand-Light,” where a young man finds the strength to carry on after the death of his grandfather. Don’t read these stories expecting a perfect world or a perfect ending. Read these stories and embrace the complexity of the world around you.

About the Author

Words are like threads that when woven together with passion and purpose can create a tapestry in which you long to wander. That passion was ignited in me when I was a small child and continues to burn bright even today. I was encouraged by educators who challenged me to try and by career paths that demanded I become a proficient wordsmith. I would like to think I have done them proud. Over the years, I have won awards, been nominated for an EMMY for television writing, and penned a #1 Best Selling book of poetry. My collection of books available here on Amazon include self-help, inspirational, and of course poetry. I have been invited to participate in anthologies and collections, several of which are here as well. Welcome to my world of words. Should you find something in which to lose yourself, I shall raise my glass in a toast to your happiness. Thank you for your kind attention.

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  1. You are so talented, Annette. Congratulations. That is a lovely review, Colleen. ❤


  2. Thanks for this great review, Colleen! I also enjoy Annette’s poetry work, and always find great power in her poems. Best wishes, Michael


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