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“Prosper,” lanterne series

The #TankaTuesday challenge this week was to write a lanterne poem series. This is shape poetry and looks best centered on the page. It’s a cinquain (five lines) which comprises syllables of 1, 2, 3, 4, 1. I didn’t care for the structure of the lanterne given by Antonia Sorin, so I let the words flow. In this piece, the verbs serve a purpose and the stanzas flow more purposefully into something more meaningful. The title echoes the meaning of the poem.


clear your heart
embrace your truth

tune in—
take notice
focus on sounds

deep exhale
open your mind

get in touch
with your true self

© Colleen M. Chesebro

Listen to Rebecca Budd recite one of my poems from Word Weaving, A Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse:

40 thoughts on ““Prosper,” lanterne series”

  1. Many thanks for giving me permission to recite your poetry, Colleen. I am honoured that you joined me on Tea Toast & Trivia to sharing insights on syllabic poetry. I have Word Craft Prose & Poetry on Kindle. Then my mother said that she wanted a “real book” which has just been delivered to my doorstep. But I confess, that I want a “real book” too.


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