Time Shifting, #haiku

My oldest daughter turned 44 today. Somehow that number doesn’t seem right…

brown wooden framed hour glass
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com
time slip-slides away
yesterdays, now tomorrows
don't forget to laugh

© Colleen M. Chesebro

47 thoughts on “Time Shifting, #haiku

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter. We never grow up for our mothers, and I guess the opposite is true as well. Thanks, Colleen.


  2. I hope everyone had a lovely day around your daughters birthday Colleen, I so know how you feel, my son was 47 last month, it doesn’t seem possible does it when we only feel 35 🙂 LOL
    Have a great day ❤


  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    Both of my kids are in their 30s now.
    I don’t understand how time works–sometimes fast and sometimes slow. 🤣 But laughing yes!


  4. So you have a 44 year old child. Me too. It’s not possible is it? Your poem reminds us of those feelings I think, and the emotions this unwelcome fact stirs up.


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