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I’ve been exploring the Kindle Unlimited offers on Amazon, and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve found. This has become an affordable way for me to feed my voracious book reading habit. For book reviewers like me, this is an excellent way to read books. It’s also a great way for authors to up their readership and still get compensated for the read. If you have your book available through Kindle Unlimited… thank you! Now, let me introduce you to some novels I absolutely loved! ❤

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I’m still behind in reviews, so here goes… my Kindled Unlimited Reads for July 2022! Click the image to find the book on

The Bone Wall: A Post-Apocalyptic Search for Truth, by D. Wallace Peach.

The Bone Wall is a dystopian fantasy novel about twin sisters, Rimma and Angel. Somehow, the two women are bound by some sort of magical means. Interestingly, when they are together, only one is visible at a time.

When the walls of heaven fail, they find themselves thrust into a perilous world torn apart by two warring factions that will stop at nothing to gain control of the planet. Now, the sisters must survive amongst the warring factions, but they must also withstand a rapidly decaying planet. This book is about a broken world.

Angel typically takes the path of peaceful conflict resolution. She always looks for the good in everyone in any situation. Meanwhile, Rimma would rather act first and ask questions later. For Rimma, life is about seeking revenge. Together, they must keep each other safe.

D. Wallace Peach writes in beautiful, almost poetic prose that takes my breath away. Several themes come to mind: how light and shadow exist together, along with good and evil—one can’t exist without the other. The theme of religious righteousness also threads its way through the novel.

This is a complex novel with a message that resonates in today’s world.

The author’s note states: “… What if we continue to poison our land, water, and air in the name of progress and profit? What if we continue to blast our way through conflicts on a global and personal scale? What if we abandon compassion, no longer our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers? What becomes of us when righteousness is blind?”

A fan of Peach’s work, this novel has found its way into my heart. Beware… it is dark and gritty—just like true life! This book will ask you to reexamine your own preconceived beliefs. What if…?

Life & Soul: Book 2 in the Soul Poetry Series by Harmony Kent.

Life & Soul, a collection of freestyle poetry, is divided into six sections: Lonely Soul, Seeking Soul, Brief Soul, Friendly Soul, Loving Soul, and the Life of a Soul. The Soul takes center stage in this author’s poetry through a deep exploration of emotions through friendship, loneliness, love, and lost love.

Written as a poetic memoir, Life & Soul shares events from the author’s life which resonated deeply with me. From a past filled with self doubt blooms the new life of a poet, unfolding before our eyes like a rare flower to behold.

The poetry in the Loving Soul chapter is the most satisfying. These poems are the culmination of a journey filled with life’s lessons. My favorite poem in the collection is called, “No Stringy Things,” which sums up the chapter perfectly, “This is to truly love oneself and one another.” This was a lovely, soul-satisfying read!

Hues Of Hope: Selected Poetry by Balroop Singh

Hues Of Hope is a collection of reader’s favorite poems from the poet’s other published poetry books. Most of these poems explore the emotion (or virtue) of “hope” and how to find inspiration in a chaotic world.

Filled with positivity, Hues of Hope alludes to a range of colorful emotions all portrayed in poetic form. I confess, I had many favorites: Oasis of Peace, Moments to Hold, and, of course, Emerging from Shadows, one of my very favorite poems, by this poet.

I’ve read this book twice, and each read reveals more to love about this poet’s word choice and alliteration. If you love freestyle poetry, you will enjoy this exploration into the complexities of life.

Grimm Up North: A Yorkshire Murder Mystery (DCI Harry Grimm Crime Thrillers Book 1) by David J. Gatward

Well, I’ve found another series I love and this time it’s a crime thriller. The best part… the book takes place in Wensleydale, England, the home of one of my favorite British shows, “All Creatures Great and Small.”

The book begins with DCI Harry Grimm working in Bristol in the major crimes division. He ends up in Wensleydale, in north Yorkshire, transferred by his boss. An IED wounded Grimm when he served in the military, so his face suits his name. He’s a rather intimidating character.

Harry doesn’t know what to think about the peaceful villages and rolling hills of the dales. Sheep dot the hills everywhere, and he can’t believe his bad luck at having been sent there. There is no police station. Instead, it’s located inside the community center.

When a girl goes missing on her way to school, a chain of events leads the storyline in plenty of twists and turns. Harry assembles a police team with a great mix of characters that follow into the subsequent books.

There is a family mystery at play here as well, which exposes more and more of that plotline as the subsequent books in the series unfold. Each book is a self-contained mystery with good plots and interesting characters. If you love British mysteries, you will love this series.

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74 thoughts on “Colleen’s Kindle: July 2022 Reads

  1. You’ve read some great books! KIndle Unlimited is a great way to read books you’ve wanted to. I believe my Amanda Travels books are available on KU. Maybe not the latest one until it is released on Sept 13th. Also NetGalley is a good way to find books for free in exchange for a review. .


  2. Wonderful reviews, Colleen. A huge congrats to all the authors. I’ve read Harmony’s and Balroop’s collections of poems and loved them both.


  3. Fabulous book reviews, Colleen. The Bone Wall is most compelling. I love Dystopian stories and this one sounds like a must-read for me. I read and loved Harmony’s poetry and highly recommend it. Congrats to all these authors!


  4. Grrat reviews, Colleen 🙂 I’ve read, and loved, all but one. I put my first book on Kindle Unlimited to see how it goes. I may add more of my books.


  5. Awww, Colleen! I’m so glad I stopped by. I headed over looking for some book recommendations and was thrilled to find your review of The Bone Wall. It’s so dark and gritty that sometimes I get nervous when people read it. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. Huge hugs for that.

    And I also enjoyed Harmony’s and Balroop’s poetry collections. They’re a couple of my favorite poets, and I share your recommendation. Thanks for the recommendation of David’s Grimm Up North. Now, there’s one I haven’t read, so I was happy to find it here.

    Thanks again for your reading generosity and the lovely reviews. I honestly don’t know how you find the time, busy lady. Have a wonderful day. ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Thank you, Colleen. That’s so reassuring! The book was stressful to write and I was sick for most of the first draft just from the heaviness of it. Now it feels all worth it. Hugs.


          1. Ha! I did. Not only was I sick the entire time I was writing it, I became so dehydrated that I developed a heart arrythmia. It’s still with me all these years later. Yeesh. That was an intense book to write.


  6. Nice reviews, Colleen. I’m familiar with three of the books. The murder mystery series sounds like something I would enjoy.


  7. Wonderful reviews, Colleen. You’ve featured some of my favorite writers today. Congratulations to all! 😊


  8. Well, how interesting. This Yorkshire Lass, who lives a mere 20 minutes from Wensleydale, had never heard of David J. Gatward. I’ll look him out, though not on Kindle. Can’t cope with screens when it comes to enjoying a Good Read.


  9. Sis, I love your reviews! Diana’s, Balroop’s and Harmony’s are on my list! And, of course I’m on KU. Lol ❤ (Sorry I can't share to FB for you, make sure to share this in our literary group. ❤ )


  10. As always excellent reviews, Colleen..I have grabbed Diana’s plus David’s on KU…Now I have my new kindle I can’t put it down also I am a big fan of Diana’s books 🙂 x


  11. I have grabbed one of thse as well I really love Diana’s books, I’m reading Davids atm having just binge read Jacquies which are fabulous reads…yes on my recent trip which I thoroughly enjoyed I did miss some of it people and places but definitely wouildn’t want to live there again<3


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