Summer Magic, #TankaTuesday, #SpecificForm

This week, I finally found the time to write my poem for #TankaTuesday. The bathrooms are now a finished project! We even found time yesterday, to the paint the bare wood around the bottom of the deck. We hope to put up some plastic trellis around the base before summer’s end.

It was Yvette’s choice this week. She selected a form created by Gwen Plano called the 4-11, which is eleven lines of four syllables each.

NOTE:, the syllable counter we’ve used for years, now displays a 404 error page. In the past, they revamped the site and changed the address. I’m not sure if that is the case this time. So, use the syllable counter at How Many Syllables: Be aware that How Many Syllables sometimes is off in the count. Double check your syllable count.

Summer Magic

Summer magic
still shines—grab it!
Dance with fireflies,
waltz with fairies,
tell ghost stories
around the fire...
bond together.
Autumn hovers
in the raindrops.
Remember the
summer magic.

© Colleen M. Chesebro

I can’t believe we’re half way through August! Before you know it, summer will be a distant memory. Spend these last weeks with your family, enjoying time together. It’s all so precious. 💜

52 thoughts on “Summer Magic, #TankaTuesday, #SpecificForm

  1. Your bathroom and deck look great. What fun wallpaper. Loved the poem, it captured the magic summer offers xo


  2. You renovations were a brilliant success, Colleen. Guess what came in the mail today! Yes, Word Craft Prose and Poetry. This is a gift to my sister Sarah. Now all of us – Frances, Sarah and I have our copies and are close to starting our poetry journey. Many thanks!!!


  3. One grand starts school in 6 (not including the weekend) days.

    OOOh…neither one of my WC’s are large enough for a double sink!! But as you say they are very nice. And as long as one has enough room!!

    I think I’m getting the last of my cucumbers! I have a friend who grew veggies and melons hers up a trellis!! 🙂


  4. I feel like your personality comes through strongly in this poem, Colleen – I can imagine you saying these words to someone in person 😀



  5. The bathroom are gorgeous, Sis! We have the same floors! Great job with the deck too.👏🥰
    This poem put a smile on my face. Loved it! One of my favorites. You’re right, people tend to want to move on from one season to the next. Why not enjoy the one we’re in? Although Autumn is my favorite season, I can wait.😘


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