The Rhythm of Life, #haiku, #TankaTuesday

#TankaTuesday this week was an ekphrastic challenge. Reena Saxena provided a piece of her artwork.

Great news, our accurate syllable counter is rebranded as I’ll add this update to our next challenge.

moon tracks through the sky
nature sings in bright patterns
the rhythm of life

© Colleen M. Chesebro

29 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Life, #haiku, #TankaTuesday

  1. Loves the nature songs! And thank you for the update on the syllable counter. I thought I was losing my mind. (Well perhaps I have lost my mind, but we can discuss that some other time) 😉


  2. Lovely poem, Colleen. I love Reena’s unique prompt and the beautiful poems its generating.


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