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Autumn Dreaming, shadorma, #TankaTuesday

WordPress gave me a credit for the WordPress Pro debacle which enabled me to recreate my author blog once again. Please note the site address is I had to add my middle initial, so this might be a bit clunky at first. It will take me a few days to migrate things over from Word Craft Poetry, so bear with me. I will share my poetry, book reviews, Coffee Klatch posts, and the Pagan Wheel of the Year (starts on Samhain) posts. Thanks so much.

Jules chose the form this month, and as you can see, I’ve got autumn on my mind. Here in middle Michigan, we’re heading into a heat wave. I look forward to the cooler temperatures to follow in a week or so.

Autumn Dreaming

pearly moon
adorns a blue sky
wispy clouds
autumn's mist
signal the change in season
to pumpkin spice warmth

maple trees
burnished copper oaks
brown cattails
golden mums
flaunt the season's finery
goodbye summer sun

© Colleen M. Chesebro

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16 thoughts on “Autumn Dreaming, shadorma, #TankaTuesday”

      1. The trees haven’t started their change here yet, maybe with this burst of cooler temps and rain will start the process. I hate seeing 80s again after this though. Fingers crossed for more cooler temps all around. Xo

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  1. Thank you for a lovely pair of Shadorma.
    I think two nights ago with the half moon… the color of it was red-orange. A definite sign of the seasons changing due to the angle of Luna and Sol 🙂

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