Foggy Morn – Quadrille #161

Merril D. Smith was the host at dVerse, yesterday… Yes, I’m always a day late! I’ve been experimenting with free verse, so the Quadrille is perfect for this type of poem—all you need is 44 words. Merril’s requirement was to use the word “track” somewhere in the poem. Many thanks for the inspiration!

“Foggy Morn”

fog slides in on silvered wings
dew drops—wet grass 
spider webs, ghostly apparitions’ glow
in the stillness of the morn
blue jay warns of Autumn’s advent
squirrel follows the worn track to his tree
dawn, now a pink smudge on a chalk sky

© Colleen M. Chesebro

27 thoughts on “Foggy Morn – Quadrille #161

      1. Yes that Autumnal nip now in the air. I love a frosty morning, never have liked fog. Due to driving in it when I worked lol . Wrap up and keep warm .
        We’re certainly going to need extra blankets this winter!

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