The Transformation, Traditional Mongolian Meter

For dVerse, where Grace asked us to write the poetry form: Traditional Mongolian Meter. Read more HERE. I hope I got this right… the alliteration was fun to work with.

The Transformation

moon washed fog slips across the lake
mellow thoughts wash against the shore
memoirs scrawled outside dark shadows
memories adrift, dreams no more

solitude, a warm quilt of love
sabbaticals of reflection
sailboat songs, a return to home
sage reveries—transformation

cast your dreams amongst the star-shine
connect with the Divine inside
create magic—eclipse the world
conform to what your heart desires

© Colleen M. Chesebro

32 thoughts on “The Transformation, Traditional Mongolian Meter”

  1. I love the inner transformation. This is my favorite part: solitude, a warm quilt of love

    and connect with the Divine inside. A powerful affirmation!

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  2. A stunning transformation, Colleen, with its gentle head rhymes and imagery. The opening line not only sets the scene but also the tone for the whole poem. I love the ‘memoirs scrawled outside dark shadows’ and ‘sailboat songs, a return to home’.

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