Cover Reveal: #TankaTuesday, Seox poetry

I’ve been working on the second volume of Fairies, Myths, & Magic—A Winter Celebration dedicated to the Winter Solstice. This book will publish in December 2022… finally! It’s a collection of poetry, short stories, Yuletide myths, and other great information about celebrating the Winter Solstice and Yule.

I’ve also created a new cover for the first Volume of Fairies, Myths, & Magic—A Summer Celebration dedicated to the Summer Solstice. My goal is to create a boxed set with both volumes.

So here is my poem for this week’s #TankaTuesday which features color poetry. This is called a Seox poem. It has a syllable count of 3-7-6-5-4-3, and it’s unrhymed. The says, “The Seox (seox in Anglo Saxon means six) is a verse form written in 6 lines in keeping with its name. It was created by Ann Byrnes Smith.”

This was a fun way to share my new book covers!

white snowflakes
each fragile pattern unique
prisms reflect the magic
of winter's delight
while children sing
yuletide songs

© Colleen M. Chesebro

64 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: #TankaTuesday, Seox poetry”

  1. I love the book covers, Colleen. Also, I love your poem and the Seox poetry form. I am going to add the poetry form to my Guide to Short Poetry Forms. 💖

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  2. Jeez I saw mention of below 50F…never have I experienced that…shiver…not likely here either…phew…I love the pattern frost makes they have always fascinated me since I was a child…Love your covers they are recognisably you, Colleen Hugs xx

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    1. Carol!! Thank you. Oh yes, it gets cold here in Michigan. Yesterday it was 37F. and we had a bit of frost on the roofs. My husband lived in Thailand many years ago and he said people died when the temperature dropped into the 50’s. Whew! I don’t think I could do that heat. LOL! 🥵


      1. I’ve acclimatised now… smile… but even so my nice and warm is freezing cold to a Thai out come the fleeces and bobble hats for them even so I get out my trusty leggings and my one long jumper for the cold mornings… 😀 xx

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  3. Beautiful as always! Will look forward to reading your new book.

    I’m still traveling and today we are visiting with Jim’s cousin who is now a Druid. Cool, eh? 💜🌞💜

    I’ll try to write a poem now that he has gone to bed.

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  4. Those are gorgeous covers, Colleen. Congratulations. In time, I hope to get these, soon✨✨
    Amazing work.

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  5. Yay. Beautiful covers. I love how you revised the first to match the new one. They’re delightful, Colleen. And I’m so glad to see the book is on its way for this winter. A lovely poem to welcome the coming season. ❤ ❤

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