TheWombwellRainbow #PoeticFormChallenge, #Dizan

I wrote this for TheWombwellRainbow #PoeticFormChallenge, #Dizan, but I believe that the challenge ended. So, here’s a new form for you. This was great practice, by the way! Try something new!

We write the Dizain in ten lines, with ten syllables in each line. It has a rhyme scheme of ababbccdcd. There is another version with Eight lines: Rhyming: ababcdcd.

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Here is my poem below:

amongst green grasses, the day's veiled warmth hides
in fields of turned earth, seeded with new life
against sapphire sky, dove's silver wings glide
over forests where cold cuts like a knife
hills rimmed with hoarfrost, Jack's wayward wife
seasons turn, spokes in the wheel of the year
Autumn's harsh gusts nudge another year near
time slows for none, our shadows, simple dreams
in the darkest hours we embrace our fears
these ever-changing days, look for sunbeams

© Colleen M. Chesebro

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