New Moon Soup, haibun

Today, the October new moon pays homage to a solar eclipse. There is an intensity in the air, and things feel unstable and shaky in our world. When these uncertain energies surface, I make New Moon soup.

Once a month, I clean out the refrigerator, much like I empty the things from my heart that no longer serve me. In the back bins, I find carrots, kale, and pungent red onions. Chop, chop, chop. Into the pot of chicken broth, they go. Leftover chicken is the secret ingredient. For me, soup always heals the ills of the world.

the autumn new moon
dark skies reveal secret truths
find comfort in soup

© Colleen M. Chesebro

Many thanks to Mich at dVerse for the Haibun Monday prompt: soup.

51 thoughts on “New Moon Soup, haibun”

  1. I enjoyed your Haibun! My family calls those dishes made with what happens to be left in the fridge … “something from nothing” … usually get lots of compliments.

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          1. Oh, Colleen, congrats on the news, and I hope any concerns about Oakley Mae’s heart resolve without a lot of fuss. Sending love and light, and I’ll take a break right now to send some long-distance reiki love. Huge hugs to your family and the new little one. ❤

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      1. LOL! I’m cooking some right now. Am smelling mine now. The parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme mushing with pumpkin, squash, red peas and green split peas😊. Feels like I’ve been having soup everyday since I came back from my trip to Turkey! They did a lot of split peas soup there.


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  2. Leftover ingredients and leftover emotions….this a was a great blending of soup and life! Another healing power of soup I had not thought of. Love it.

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