I just want to give a heads up that if I didn’t answer your comments, it wasn’t on purpose. I’ve had a ton of issues with comments.

WP said it was my browser, then it was my theme. I’ve tried every theme and browser and today… suddenly, I’m getting comments. Let’s hope this takes care of the issues. I think there was another update because things on WP seem different again. The constant tinkering is frustrating.

here I am
where I'll always be
writing odes
short stories
syllabic poetry too
join me when you can

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31 thoughts on “Comments?”

          1. Thanks Beth kind of you Colleen. I don’t change things because I fear I’ll mess it up. But when I get up the courage to do so I may ask you for help.

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  1. Yeah, they’re giving me the same story, over and over and over again. it’s just me, no one else has any problems. It’s Norton now, except when I told them my tablet had no Norton, they were forced to backtrack on that one. If they would admit there was a problem, maybe they could solve it. (K)

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  2. I feel your aggravation and frustration. I’m not happy with the upgrades that aren’t compatible with some of the themes. I should get a new theme, but good golly, I’m super happy with my themes now and I don’t want to let it go. :/

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          1. Yep, I suppose they’re too fancy to remember the old adage, ‘dance with the one what brung ya!’ lol
            I’m all for progress, but also for making sure the base of folks that helped with making the success are cared for too.

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    1. Right? It never used to be like this. I started blogging in 2014 and it was amazing. It’s this new editor thing… it’s all patched together I think. If Wix had the community like WP does, they would wipe them out of business. Their themes are much nicer and easier to use.

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