#ShareYourDay: #TankaTuesday

I'm spending the day dog sitting for our son from another mother, Dustin, while he attends his grandmother's funeral. Dustin actually wrote a poem for his grandmother. 💜 It's a chilly Michigan day at the Grand River. Here's a double cinquain to memorialize my #MichiganLife: winter birds congregate around the bird feeder woodpeckers, chickadees, blue … Continue reading #ShareYourDay: #TankaTuesday

The Gray Scarf, Abhanga trio

Eugi selected the theme of "the gray scarf" for this week's #TankaTuesday #ThemePrompt. I asked for a story poem which I think I told below. Image by llinoswynjones from Pixabay around my neck for warmth the gray scarf comforts me his death has set me free graveyard tears flow he gave me the gray scarf … Continue reading The Gray Scarf, Abhanga trio

Colleen’s Coffee Klatch: MJ Mallon, “Do What You Love,” #NewRelease

Hello everyone! Welcome to Colleen's Coffee Klatch. Where I grew up, the Kaffee klatsch was all the rage. Folks (mostly women) would get together, share a cup of coffee, and catch up on their lives. Thanks so much for stopping by to share a cup of coffee and a chat. Whenever I can, I like … Continue reading Colleen’s Coffee Klatch: MJ Mallon, “Do What You Love,” #NewRelease

The Storm, haibun

Linda Lee Lyberg is hosting at dVerse. She asks us to write a haibun inspired by Aki no koe (Autumn’s Voice). Yesterday, Autumn's voice roared with the howl of Banshee winds, making this old house moan and creak like old timber wood is all that holds it together. Large snowflakes—Lake Michigan snow, blew sideways down … Continue reading The Storm, haibun

Song of Freedom, tanka

I'm so late writing my poem this week for #TankaTuesday. David selected the photo. I looked for these Ukrainian figurines on Amazon, but couldn't find the singing choir depicted below. I found some Ukranian dolls (similar to Russian nesting dolls) which are really cute. “Ukrainian Figurines” by Kirill Shevchenko (Groder) Image by Кирилл Шевченко from Pixabay prayers to our … Continue reading Song of Freedom, tanka

Bye-Bye Twitter

I've ruminated about the downfall of Twitter for days. Ever since Elon Musk took over, I realize the platform's days are numbered. Musk intends on destroying the site and remaking it into something else. https://twitter.com/SanaBan55403916/status/1593556125563101186 I've decided to delete my Twitter account. I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with social media since I started blogging … Continue reading Bye-Bye Twitter

Autumn Snow, haiku

I've been working on my newest book, Fairies, Myths, & Magic II—A Winter Celebration... time gets aways from me. I can't believe it's Thursday! So here's a haiku of what I see outside my window: Photo by Andre Moura on Pexels.com deep autumn cold snow clouds build leaves won't let go © Colleen M. Chesebro … Continue reading Autumn Snow, haiku

Random Word Generator, The “S-Word,” shadorma

Jane Dougherty offers a random word generator filled with inspiration. You don't have to use all of the words. Pick and choose and see what you come up with. Let the words speak to you. Here's a shadorma to reflect what I see outside my window. There's a strong north wind blowing... newsprint clouds driftingleaves … Continue reading Random Word Generator, The “S-Word,” shadorma

The Windmill, haibun #99-Word Story

This week's Carrot Ranch November 7, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes something squeaky. What is squeaky and why? How does it move the story or disrupt a character? Listen, write, and go where the prompt leads! Submit by November 12, 2022. Photo by Noel McShane on … Continue reading The Windmill, haibun #99-Word Story

#PureMichigan, kouta

I’ve written this kouta (with a fifth, seven syllable line) as part of #TankaTuesday this week. Reena suggested the form, and I have to say I had fun with the Michigan colloquialisms. You can read more Michigan words HERE. The top of the state is know as the UP (Upper Michigan). The rest of the … Continue reading #PureMichigan, kouta