November: Three Good Things, Double Ennead

This November, my weight watchers group is listing three good things for each day of November. I love this exercise because it’s a simple method of redirecting attention towards positive thoughts and away from negative thoughts.

This double ennead is for #TankaTuesday, where we were to choose a color to feature in our poem.

The Double Ennead comprises five lines with a syllable count of 6/5/11/6/5, (33 SYLLABLES per stanza) 3 STANZAS EACH = 99 SYLLABLES, NO MORE, NO LESS! Punctuation and rhyme schemes are optional and up to the poet.

Three Good Things

November—a study
in light and darkness
quiet, rest, introspection, and mindfulness
a pause for reflection
an intermission

a space of in-between
to make decisions,
to sustain this, my journey of gratitude
note how life is enriched
with a mindful pause

list three good things each day
finish the year strong
to increase your happiness and wellbeing
only positive thoughts
chase away the blues

©Colleen M. Chesebro

37 thoughts on “November: Three Good Things, Double Ennead”

  1. Colleen, you’re right the mind can get so wound up, like an over-wound watch, it seizes up. Those restful moments of in between can make all of the difference.

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  2. There are always at least three good things to each day. I’ve been listing 5/day for quite awhile now. Often they repeat, but you can’t have too much of a good thing. (K)

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  3. Gratefulness is a wonderful way to raise our spirits, Colleen. You wrote a beautiful poem to honor November’s pause. That’s a lovely way to look at this quiet month of thanksgiving.

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