The Storm, haibun

Linda Lee Lyberg is hosting at dVerse. She asks us to write a haibun inspired by Aki no koe (Autumn’s Voice).

Yesterday, Autumn’s voice roared with the howl of Banshee winds, making this old house moan and creak like old timber wood is all that holds it together. Large snowflakes—Lake Michigan snow, blew sideways down the street. The gales punished the naked trees, leaves stripped by the sudden storm.

Today, the warmth from the sun melts the snow. The storm has passed and Autumn’s voice whispers… It’s time to write.

I memorize the day
in poet-time

© Colleen M. Chesebro

50 thoughts on “The Storm, haibun

  1. That was some storm, Colleen, and I’m glad it passed quickly! I love all the sounds you captured in your haibun, especially the contrast of the ‘howl of Banshee winds’ and Autumn’s whisper.

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