The Gray Scarf, Abhanga trio

Eugi selected the theme of “the gray scarf” for this week’s #TankaTuesday #ThemePrompt. I asked for a story poem which I think I told below.

Image by llinoswynjones from Pixabay

around my neck for warmth
the gray scarf comforts me
his death has set me free
graveyard tears flow

he gave me the gray scarf
one anniversary
a gift most cursory
I know he cared

today I start anew
no more fairy tales
all alone—I can't fail
me and my scarf

© Colleen M. Chesebro

61 thoughts on “The Gray Scarf, Abhanga trio

  1. A poignant story poem Colleen… And those treasured moments are gifts to cherish as that scarf holds comfort of his warmth..
    Have a lovely weekend Colleen.. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend ❤

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    1. Thanks so much, Franci. It was a great prompt. I’ve been reading a book about poetry and story poetry written in free style and syllabic poetry is really catching on. I see so many possibilities… 💜

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  2. I know several widows… some carried on better than others.
    Tough when memory loss sets in…
    Also very tough to be a young widow (with or without children).

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  3. Yes to liberation.

    A woman who was a victim of domestic abuse consulted an astrologer as her husband’s illness was draining her out further. The astrologer told her that all problems will end shortly. Surprisingly, the woman’s husband called up the astrologer to ask how much time he had to live. He could instantly connect his wife’s freedom to his departure.

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