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Welcome to Day One of the Fairies, Myths, & Magic II Book Tour!

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Diana Peach’s Blog: Myths of the Mirror

About the host:

Diana Peach is my favorite fantasy author. (She actually bumped JK Rowling off the top of my list)! Diana’s books always propel me to faraway mystical places. If you love dragons, magic, and the supernatural, you will love spending time in these wonderful worlds she creates. I think I’ve read almost all of her books. Not only is Diana an amazing author, she’s also a poet.

Here’s a haiku she wrote for The first Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse: Word Weaving No. 1, The Moons of Autumn:

moonlight stitches lace
frosty hems on scarlet leaves
glints of fallen stars

© D. Wallace Peach

Diana is also a voracious reader! She shares her book reviews on her blog, usually in a monthly post. You don’t want to miss these reviews! I can’t tell you how many great book recommendations I’ve received from these reviews.

Myths of the Mirror (Dragon Soul Quartet, Book One)

The Myths of the Mirror, Book One, is a haunting tale of resplendent dragons, exhilarating magic, and how the myths of the people from Taran Leigh and the Mirror intertwine and intersect. Their myths become the allegory from where ancient enlightenment springs.

Far from the village of Taran Leigh is a spot in the wilderness where a bowl-shaped lake, called the Mirror, hosts a civilization of people who ride the bejeweled dragons in the Old Way communicating with their souls as they become one with the dragon’s spirit. This merging of man and dragon comes by invitation from the dragon, signifying a magical union like no other.

In comparison, the dragons of Taran Leigh are imprisoned, forced to live in a stone lair, and brutalized by their captors, all the while compelled to perform for “coin.” Years ago, the greedy governors tricked the skyriders into believing their lies, looking only for ways to line their own pockets. The people of Taran Leigh have lost their connection to the old ways.

It takes a calamity greater than Terasa and Conall have ever known to teach them the myths of their people. Conall faces his demons while Terasa learns the myths of her father and those of the magical dragons who teach the lessons of “the tie” and of “the belonging.”

The author shared with me her role as the “Droom,” in the novel, the ancient seer casting her rune stones to predict which direction the story would take. What a great concept for storytelling.

I know I’ve written before how I feel like a silly fan gushing over Diana Peach’s work. But I must share with you that this book touched me in ways I have never experienced before. It was as if I had my own epiphany, at one with the divine truths the author penned in this tome. I can only say that my reading was akin to a spiritual encounter. The entire reason I read is to find that magical connection, and The Myths of the Mirror delivers that and more.

I loved this first book so much, I’ve bought the entire series! ❤

Myths of the Mirror on

If you have a chance, head on over to join the Yule Blessings book tour for Fairies, Myths, & Magic II at Diana’s blog: Myths of the Mirror.

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