Day Eleven: 12/16/22 Yule Blessings Book Tour

Welcome to Day Eleven of the Fairies, Myths, & Magic II Book Tour! It’s the last day of the tour!!

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* I’ll share a review of my favorite book from my host’s list.

* Something from or about Fairies, Myths, & Magic II (follow the link below).

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C. S. Boyack’s Blog: Entertaining Stories

About the host:

I’ve been a fan of C.S. Boyack’s speculative fiction books for years. His stories usually feature a bit of science fiction, paranormal activity, and fantasy. I’ve enjoyed everything Craig has written. He has several series, and various other books to keep you reading for hours. I often describe his books as adult comic books without the pictures. LOL!

One of my all time favorite books by Craig is called Panama. It’s a great read!

Today, I want to share my favorite book from the Hat Series: Good Liniment. Craig and I had a running gag for years on my Halloween post where he guest stars. I pestered him to write a book with witches as characters. Let me tell you, it pays to drive authors crazy! Craig did not disappoint. I loved this book!

Good Liniment, The Hat book 5 by C.S. Boyack

My Recommendation: I’ve been waiting for years for this author to introduce witches into his repertoire of magical beings… and I’m so glad he did. He does not disappoint! This is the fifth book in The Hat series and it is my favorite.

After Lunar Boogie, book four, Lizzie and the Hat get back together again to come to the aid of a coven of witches. There’s a religious zealot killer on the loose, and the coven wants this person brought to justice… witch justice, that is!

The new characters are some fascinating witch-folk, along with an elemental being that ends up as a star in her own right. Cyrus Yoder and his apprentice, Dash, are gifted witches who work with ambergris, found in the bellies of bog-trogs, members of the troglodyte family. I hope to see more of these characters in future novels. They are a totally different representation of witches, finally.

I also loved the name for non-witches—mundanes, which is a throwback to “muggles” of Harry Potter fame. Watch for the antics of Noodles, an otherworldly creature. I’m always amazed at this author’s creativity and I know you will be too!

Good Liniment: The Hat Book 5 on

If you have a chance, head on over to join the Yule Blessings book tour for Fairies, Myths, & Magic II at C.S. Boyack’s blog: Entertaining Stories

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